Friday, February 26, 2010


biasalah dalam idup ader benda kiter nak ingat n ader benda we wish we never had pon...

lately, tingat my so-called fren. a so-called fren dat makes me feel stupid everytime nama dia terimbas dlm ingatan...i wish u cud go away.aku nak amnesia part dier jer....bleh?hehe

zai kater...we r haunted by our past.its embedded...

Thursday, February 18, 2010


smlm ader tukang urut datang rumah.bro and SIL is trying to conceive.poor them...but im not writing di s entry for is all about me.

sambil mengurut my SIL, saya tumpang sekaki.since my feet is sooo swollen now and started aching everytime i touch it. n mak cik tukang urut started talking about how big it is being preganant n being a mom n a wife.she said dat no matter what, the husband shud try to share the pain n tiring experience.

n i started feeling...well, sedih coz i barely share my moments masa tgh mengandung ni dgn sesaper pon.husband is currently away n so does mak n baba.most of the time i was alone.n mak cik tukang urut understood.she said...Allah jer tau perasaan kena tinggal time ngandung ni.n i agreed...totally.

sorry if my entries sound melodramatic is because thats what i feel lately.tired n drain.oang nagndung biasa craving for food but im craving for a good getaway...bila la dpt pegi pon dah start perintah berkurung...emmm