Thursday, October 29, 2009


two things happen today...

first, i got a call for induction course with few of my johorian teslmate...and ona and zai are also in the "best" is dat?!the course will be in batu pahat starting 13 more days to school starting 2nd november.haha...mmg cruel la kan, me as a teacher counting to school holidays but seriously....what can u do after exam?lgpon...d other english teacher dah blepas ke mekah for her pilgrimage so im left marking all d english paper.year 1 to year 5.all with paper one and 2 to mark.pening aku suka menanda.makes me laugh...jht kan?!

secondly...something super strange happened.
yesterday...i took a laptop home and found out that the charger is quickly finish my wok before d battery runs out.sampai sekolah dia morning, d first i did was informing my GPK HEM about it since she was the one yg sign bahagian saksi.n the chaos begun.suma cikgu start looking for it n guess where kak binah found it?!in the bag...with the zippers open n the charger was scattered in it.haha....

ntah pape la oang yg amik n letak balik charger tuh.kalo dah buat salah ngaku je la tsilap.people will talk about it but for how long la sgt?!now...the teachers are busy looking for suspect nak pk...

n back on track.badan cam dah ringan sikit..muntah pon dah xbyk sgt, tinggal loya2 jer.still having sensitif pd bau ckt2 tp xlama lg ok kot sbb now dah 12 minggu.xlama lg pon dah cuti...yuhuuu

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

an insult

dis update is dedicated to anne...hehe
congrats babe in advance...

i listened to everyday on my 5km way to school n everyday they just nag bout dis n dat concert.but today...they talk about YOU'RE TOO FAT TO BE A TEACHER.

i waited in my car d minute i arrived just to listen to the further detail of it.
it turns out dat there is dis lady from kuching...she had a degree in bis.admin n i assume she was registering for KPLI in one of the teacher trining college n the senior officer there said that she is fat n she is not fit to be a teacher and maybe she cud come back next year after sha has slim down. bengong ke hape!!!!

note dat she is 110kg.n she has succesfully went through all the interview n medical cek up process.the officer even said dat if she did a cek up at a gomen hospital...she wont make it dat far.sengal!!!!

aku marah lepas baca dat report....

Monday, October 19, 2009


dis may d effect of being alone with morning sickness for more than 24 hours....
maybe not.
well, it started when i saw an fb account af a so-called fren of mine who is now in scotland doing his degree.n i go wow reading his wall post.that post got my mind deserted from d real world.yes....since i read dat, it made me thinking a lot about my life.
almost 25 years of living...what have i achieve?
my teenage life wasn't dat great altough im surrounded by bestmates.
going here n forth from melaka - segamat - kl and back to melaka again was d only memory i had during 6 years of torturing my brain - if im allowed to say dat.being ask on why i got a back seat rather than with the others masa convo buat aku rasa...don belong.yer...0.01 mmg beri kesan yer.
so a teacher.what kind of teacher?my english is getting grammar is still as bad as ever...i havent been anywhere for soul searching (more to vacation).yes...i need a vacation.i need to be sumwhere dgn tujuan bercuti...bukan mengikuti apa2 kursus atau yg berkaitan ngan kejer.i really need that!i want to do sumthing dat i want but i never know what i want...dats what my so-called fren used to say....i don really know myself and dats y im always lost doing what people tells me to do.
i donno it d hormone or im facing middle life crisis?
ntah....going to move to penang and thinking about it makes me homesick already.