Thursday, December 17, 2009

new me?

esok will be a new year...
plan?Allah has a better one for me.hubby is currently in Penang.n will be there from now sedih lg sbb penat berjauhan.with d baby i said,Allah has a better plan for me n he knows best kan.

i pray dat i can b a better person everyday but lately been fighting with my inner strength.i always failed to challenge myself.yyyy????i need to be strong...and stronger.hehe...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

induction is over...n a week of school holidays has past too.
what now?
i have a lot of plan in mind for my class next year but let just enjoy d holidays first aite?
got tons of wedding invitation...check chenor's and waiting for ona's n aesha's.sorry to frens from d north.its too far la girls....hehe

i had a great time during induction especially meeting other teslians girls there.being in one room with ona really made me feel like in college again.meronggeng sampai mlm sampai lupa plak im carrying a baby in me.n d most unexpected was d meeting with kamal gopalan.a chilhood fren.xsangka giler kamal jd cikgu..hehe.

best jugak bila dpt ramai kwn baru.masa memula nak pg rasa...lamanya 2 minggu walopon excited sbb dpt spend time ngan yg lelain.considered d course as a vacation jer.mkn n tempat tido free!i guess my over excitement made the time flies.bila agaknya dpt jumpa lg??

n..ader sikit regret sbb dpt jumpa ceno kejap jer on her big day.she does look great despite her skinny phsyic.haha...

now...cant wait to spend precious time with my husband as he is going back to penang next year.huhu

Monday, November 09, 2009

check up

went for my second cek up today...n got back wondering how time flies coz the nurse said dat im now in my 16 week.wah...dats equal to 4 monts kan.rupanya...salh kira daaa.haha.. in my 14 weeks i guess.i lost count..n confuse la skit.

the usual routine is...urine test, weighing(the hardest part), n some measuring on how big is he baby ke ekh..xto la tp nurse kater dier kira saiz rahim.

i gained 2 kgs in a mont n dats bad..huhu.i donno what to do sbb rasanya mkn cam biasa.rasanya la kan...mybe becoz i ate only when im hungry. i donno...hard to explain it with of once a month, i have to come for cek up once every two weeks.just to watch out for the weight gain n incase kalo ader darah tinggi n kencing manis.
other than the weighing...arini dah bleh ukur saiz menyorok.hehe..the nurse said she could feel it but donno where it actually is now 16cm...

im all excited about being pregnant but sometimes i just feel sorry for the baby.first.bcoz of my body is aching now, muscles cramp, swollen feet padahal baru 3 monts.the nurse said i shud take a lot of rest tp rasanya sampai dah tahap nak jalan pon sakit.xkan nak duduk jer is a possibility ada kencing moanis or darah tinggi.n nurse ckp perut xkeras.lembik jer...huhu.although...cramp tu mcm biasa but not sakit pinggul n all.

Ya Allah...beri kesihatan dan kekuatan pada bayi saya.

Friday, November 06, 2009

my fault?!

a year 4 pupils came to see me - actually she was waiting for at the school entrance to tell me that her mother did some calculation on her english paper n found out dat she deserve another 2 marks.huh....

tgk cara mak dier kira :

30(p1)/40 X 60% (yang aku wonder dr mana dier dpt) n d sum was added to 23(p2) = 68

n cara aku kira :
since both paper 1 n 2 bertotal 40 markah, jd

30(p1) +23(p2) / 80 X 100% = 66.26

u tell me...mana satu yg betul?

wahai puan, mungkin puan kecewa sbb markah anak puan tidak menepati sasaran tp kalo jawapan tidak menepati schema saya...maka xlayakla dier nak dpt A kali ini berbanding tahun2 sblmnyer.mungkin dier perlu menerima kenyataan n mula buat lebih practice dalam menzahirkan ayat2 yang lebih baik.maaf yer....

Thursday, October 29, 2009


two things happen today...

first, i got a call for induction course with few of my johorian teslmate...and ona and zai are also in the "best" is dat?!the course will be in batu pahat starting 13 more days to school starting 2nd november.haha...mmg cruel la kan, me as a teacher counting to school holidays but seriously....what can u do after exam?lgpon...d other english teacher dah blepas ke mekah for her pilgrimage so im left marking all d english paper.year 1 to year 5.all with paper one and 2 to mark.pening aku suka menanda.makes me laugh...jht kan?!

secondly...something super strange happened.
yesterday...i took a laptop home and found out that the charger is quickly finish my wok before d battery runs out.sampai sekolah dia morning, d first i did was informing my GPK HEM about it since she was the one yg sign bahagian saksi.n the chaos begun.suma cikgu start looking for it n guess where kak binah found it?!in the bag...with the zippers open n the charger was scattered in it.haha....

ntah pape la oang yg amik n letak balik charger tuh.kalo dah buat salah ngaku je la tsilap.people will talk about it but for how long la sgt?!now...the teachers are busy looking for suspect nak pk...

n back on track.badan cam dah ringan sikit..muntah pon dah xbyk sgt, tinggal loya2 jer.still having sensitif pd bau ckt2 tp xlama lg ok kot sbb now dah 12 minggu.xlama lg pon dah cuti...yuhuuu

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

an insult

dis update is dedicated to anne...hehe
congrats babe in advance...

i listened to everyday on my 5km way to school n everyday they just nag bout dis n dat concert.but today...they talk about YOU'RE TOO FAT TO BE A TEACHER.

i waited in my car d minute i arrived just to listen to the further detail of it.
it turns out dat there is dis lady from kuching...she had a degree in bis.admin n i assume she was registering for KPLI in one of the teacher trining college n the senior officer there said that she is fat n she is not fit to be a teacher and maybe she cud come back next year after sha has slim down. bengong ke hape!!!!

note dat she is 110kg.n she has succesfully went through all the interview n medical cek up process.the officer even said dat if she did a cek up at a gomen hospital...she wont make it dat far.sengal!!!!

aku marah lepas baca dat report....

Monday, October 19, 2009


dis may d effect of being alone with morning sickness for more than 24 hours....
maybe not.
well, it started when i saw an fb account af a so-called fren of mine who is now in scotland doing his degree.n i go wow reading his wall post.that post got my mind deserted from d real world.yes....since i read dat, it made me thinking a lot about my life.
almost 25 years of living...what have i achieve?
my teenage life wasn't dat great altough im surrounded by bestmates.
going here n forth from melaka - segamat - kl and back to melaka again was d only memory i had during 6 years of torturing my brain - if im allowed to say dat.being ask on why i got a back seat rather than with the others masa convo buat aku rasa...don belong.yer...0.01 mmg beri kesan yer.
so a teacher.what kind of teacher?my english is getting grammar is still as bad as ever...i havent been anywhere for soul searching (more to vacation).yes...i need a vacation.i need to be sumwhere dgn tujuan bercuti...bukan mengikuti apa2 kursus atau yg berkaitan ngan kejer.i really need that!i want to do sumthing dat i want but i never know what i want...dats what my so-called fren used to say....i don really know myself and dats y im always lost doing what people tells me to do.
i donno it d hormone or im facing middle life crisis?
ntah....going to move to penang and thinking about it makes me homesick already.

Friday, September 11, 2009

mc lg

wah...dah pon sampai seploh mlm terakhir.
n today....sayer cuti posa sbb smlm muntah2 dengan agak teruk.
skang sayer paham naper ibu2 mengandung punya selera bukan2 - sbb apa shj mknn yg msk dlm mulut sbnanrnyer xder rasa lain kecuali pahit n memualkan. on medical leave too.i know...wasted my mc because fridays are usually d shortest work day.

yesterday was d last day of UPSR.i went to school a bit late coz of d so-called morning continues at school n sbnanyer....bila muntah tuh, xder aper pon yg kuar.note dat i was fasting yesterday.cikgu sekolah kater....dlm drama jer muntah mcm2 tuh.sbnanyer...muntah ibu mengandung mmg cuma air.maka....ramai ibu mengandung mengalami dehydration.masuk air bbotol2.

setakat ni...sayer rasa selamat ader mak d td bangun dgn perut rasa sgt tegang.mak pegang2 perut sayer n riso sbb sayer jatuh 2 minggu lalu.(waktu tu xtau sayer dah mengandung).mak pon asik ulang...mak dulu mengandung lg teruk.jgn ikut sgt rasa letih tu.kena cergas.bila ke klinik to get d mc n sedikit ubat menahan loya....doc kater mmg perut akan rasa tegang time to time sbb baby nak besa.alhamdulillah...lega saya rasa

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

im grinning

time really flies...n everything happens in just a blink.
at dis moment bayangan chilhood sayer d jementah asik dtg...sayer bbasikal pakai short fido dido, main badminton, cubaan lari dr rumah ke kedai runcit n etc etc

xsangka skrg sayer dah berubah status...
rasa mcm baru kenal ngan kamal smlm.berchatting melepaskan perasaan marah pd seseorang.
n carrying his xcaya!!!

todays post is short tp hope dat woever reading dis...doakan sayer berjaya melalui tempoh ini dgn baik n baby sihat dlm kandungan

Saturday, August 29, 2009

attendance is compulsary

are u familiar with the title?yesterday...i receive a msg from the school's PAR day says :

Cikgu..ini arahan dari PPD, diwajibkan hadir bagi Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan pada 31 Ogos 2009.Jam 7.30 pagi di Dataran Segamat.Wajib tandatangan borang keadiran pada GB disana.Pakaian dalah batik. DIWAJIBKAN HADIR....terima kasih -ibrahim(nama sebenar) - skkt-

n my reaction?blughhhhhhh
i have set my holidays to end on Monday afternoon.not Sunday afternoon!
dengan short notice dr PPD ni...has made me feel like there is no tomorrow foe me.bleh?
i told my husband n he said dis

cakapla awak kat Penang.

bleh eh?
biha suggested d same n dis morning i spread d new dat im currently in Penang still don have d guts to call my tense is raising now becoz i haven't really made d decision or have I?sbb aku mmg betul2 xnak pg ni...huhu

Monday, August 17, 2009

aku susah hati@perakuan bersyarat

i took a day off today...i TOOK ok.

i had a stressful week gara2 gastrik yg bermula kamis lalu.coz im used to gastrik, i tried to ignore it and rearrange my eating schedule back in order.but...since i had been shot by a freking bad news yesterday, i dediced to pampered the pain.aku malas nak buat kejer sekolah n decided to just sleep early so dat i can get up early to finish work.

kerana stress...bukan kerana gastrik, i decided not to go to work at 4 am today.
aku stress sbb aku xsiap lesson plan for about three days punya.
aku stress sbb keputusan temuduga ku adalah perakuan bersyarat.thanks to GB( aku ttp nak salahkan dier kerana xtulis nama n ic number pas dier sain borang sulit aku).
im used to all dis tp bygkan all d hard work i had to go just to get perakuan bersyarat...bygkan jgala all d hard work aku kena lalui lepas ni just tuk dpt status guru ni.haih...i paid rm5 untuk pos bdafta okeh.mustahil surat tu xsampai...


i just hope suma benda perlantikan jawatan ni abih cepat.PENAT!!!n it is more tiring bila xder oang paham betapa susahnyer hati kita bila dpt perakuan bersyarat ni...(i have been told about perlantikan bersyarat ni by the officer on duty masa temuduga)

Monday, August 10, 2009


today..i went to school with no lesson plan.haha... not writing about dat.

my GB called d school dis morning to cancel d assembly becoz of d serious haze n called up an urgent meeting at the staff room regarding the latest death of a H1N1 victim.she was from kg bukit lintang sgmt...which is less than 4 minute drive from our school n some of her relatives is studying in our school.

so...precaution is made to make sure dat the relatives n neighbours were in gud condition dat is no flu what so ever.n so far, 3 pupils was sent back home sbb pernah melawat arwah, sepupu arwah n demam yg agak panas n im not sure about another pupil.because of dis...mask were sold out at our school n pharmacies around town..i donno if d kids bought it just for d fun of it or out of awareness la kan.u noe kids....

n during the short meeting...our rombongan to genting coming ovember is cancelled!haih...but, for a good reason rite.still...too bad.also, a teacher took d opportunity to distribute doa menhalang dari djangkiti wabak...insaf.

my conclusion - dunia dah nak kiamat, sedang kiter betumpu pada H1N1, kita (maybe most of us) is unaware of d haze.most of us is still going through daily routines like there is nothing to worry about.marilah kia sama2 bersoat hajat...berdoa agar wabak ini akan terkawal secepatnya.n today, i couldnt help but to think about how life is without my love suma effect dr melihat kejadian kemalangan secara berturut2 dalam masa 15min dan more berita kematian of d maut d tangan ALLAH kan.lets just hope kita akan diberi peluang oleh ALLAH untuk menikmati kesudahan yg baik d dunia n akhirat.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

not friday d 13th aite?

in 24 hours of ur cud have a mixture of feelings rite?

yesterday...i woken up feeling a lil fresh then d day before since my high fever has kebah a bit, plus some running nose n coughing but still excited to go to kursus pemantapan a lil singing in d car, i drove to SMKA.

after 4 hours of interesting, i may call it, talks n lectures - i drove back home thinking of leaving early to muar.with some haze n hujan renyai2....i saw 3 cars bang into each others it?but there was nothing serious except the traffic n of course the haze.

i reach home...took my pills n doze off for about one hour before started my 1 hour 30 min s drive to muar.since i left early, i tot of seeing zai for a lil chit chat.dis is where d horror part begun....

on my way back to muar....from zai's place, i have another at least 30 min was almost 7.00pm.baba has a taboo of driving during maghrib n i was like so carefull when suddenly from 100 i have to slow down to 40.i was wondering on what happenned in front when i saw a man covered in blood sedang menggelitik.there was no other words can descrbe it best than menggelitik...a few men were trying to help n can't get the image out of called zai n tell her what i saw.

just after i hang up d fon, vehicles from d opposite side of d road started blinking their i tot...ha, road block pulak dah.n i was actually driving dgn sgt tenang coz...d image earlier is still haunting.there was traffic again...same as earlier.people started honking when they didnt saw any presence of police anywhere.rupanya...another accident.a MYv was crashed...habis bahagian depan, with a matix in same condition.blood is again all over the road..

n my 24 isn't over yet.huhu...

neway....we(husband n i) watched dis last nite.

brendan fraser best!haha

still xdpt tgk

Thursday, August 06, 2009

sugar rush!

penah x korang rasa nak lupakan masa lalu tp xdpt sbb dat past keep coming back to u?haih...walopon im happy rite now tp bila teringatkan masa lalu itu...sayer masih rasa bodoh!kalo nak lari, pls don look back.

neway...mak n baba are now back from actually dah rasa best being alone especially with the high fever.i rather be alone when im sick.waking up dis morning feelinf dizzy n noxious all d way to school...walopon muka masih merah kerana panas badan, i still manage to teach.all my class was held in d library today coz i can't project my voice like usual and im glad d kids understand n cooperate.all seven hours went well today!

n mak brought back a gud news...and dat news is they'll be celebrating raya in perak di year!n im in nibong tebal which is not 5 hours away nemore.alhamdulillah....

Saturday, August 01, 2009

setem n traffic emergency

we (my hubby n i) went for a movie...SETEM last saturday

citernyer...BEST GILE!xperasan pon 2 hours has passed while watching.go n see it guys....berbaloi-baloi!hehe

we went to watched the movie at alamanda becoz of d rumours dat a march will be held today by the anti and pro ISA.malangnyer...masa balik tuh, jln suma jam sbb polis tutup .memula tu...i was cool with it coz im not d one driving.hehe...yg xbestnya, i suddenly felt nak terkencing giler2.n becoz of glad i had my husband beside me.he looked for ways to get out of d traffic just to look for a petrol station.mestila xder kan....can u imagine?i really need to go n i had to wait for an hour.hahah....n akhirnya, my husband stopped d car in d middle of d town(ku xingat d mana) n asked a grocery store kot2 dier ader toilet.nasib baik ader....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

emotional course

today's entry might be a bit emosional...however, my way of writing dis post might not be as effective.bear with me...

i attended an S-BELT course from 8am till 4 today.S_BELT is a module developed by JUs and language officer around Johor....speacilly made for johorian non-optonist teachers and of course d optionist teachers yg xbaper bpengalaman spt sayer ni kan.d module consist of 4 chapters dat is teaching listening of speaking, teaching reading and writing, teaching literature and last but not least..d most vital, the teaching of grammar.

undergone dis course brought me back to my 6 years of studying.seyes....rasa mcm attending all the class all over again.with the lectures on how important the 4 elements in our teaching, workshop and presentation.rasa nak nangis pon ader gak td bila kena present lesson plan on listening speaking, reading writing, literature n grammar.teringat micro teaching n all.n browsing through the module pon rasa cam baca nesamalar jer. sebijik okeh!dengan pre, while n post thinggy...n ader sistem vote untuk pilih tajuk presentation.

bila masuk jer workshop pasal...grammar, cth yg diberi adalah teaching adjective dgn cerita how tapir got its color - ingat x biha?!

bila masuk teaching of literature - my group buat little blue boy.n i was reading poem in my pocket reminiscing anne pecking while teaching, mekna's drawing of d old house, n my own group presenting tidy your room tanya.

it has also nontheless, open my eyes towards was never hard....simplest activity can also be implement in class n i took dis opportunity to seek on how other experienced teachers (im d only KP who did not teach year six.they were really surprise to know dat im not there to replce anybody) teach.i need A LOT MORE to learn.suma cikgu yg attend course ni mcm all my teslian babes.havoc....masa workshop tuh, brainstorm sambil berketawa.ader jer lawak spontan..haha.miss those days.i tot it was only me who was asking suma cikgu pon doing the same ting.n they said dat they are all learning.

n today, i met two of my primary not dat popular at school.and dat explained why the two teachers couldnt recall xper la kan..y penting kita ingat jasa guru.will my pupils remember me when they are somebody nanti?

p/s - it is almost a year already!teslians....i miss...really miss each n everyone of you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Caught in the act

we are having the PK3 exam at school i came to school dis morning with my handbag and a novel from cecilia ahern.i tot i cud read which i did managed to read a few pages.i don usually surf from school since i barely have the free time i need to lazying virtually.but for these two days...i think the media room(the only place we can have access to the net now) is the most strategic hideout - that is to avoid any unnecessary complaint from my superior - ataupon just to release my sleppy-headness.

nothing bizzare happen in school today...just an ordinary workday.
EXCEPT....a year 2 pupil was caught trying to cheat for her science paper.FARISHA HANIM was caught handing a note to MASYURI asking for an answer for question six.the note goes like this:

"SURI....TOLONG BAGI JAWAPAN TUK SOKLAN 6 YANG DEKAT BAWAH TU EH.BALAS" with an arrow where suri shud write her answer.

wow...i was angry n amazed.dajah 2 tu...anne, kita start niru pon masa form 2 kan.tulis jawapan atas dinding lg.haha...
indeed...dis is not a big deal.pupils cheat but i just didnt expect it to happen dis early.not when ur 8.there are a lot of complain from the teacher about dis particular class.2 girls has also been caught marking their own exercise book with a star at the bottom.haha....gosh!

Monday, July 13, 2009


d other day my husband mentioned about how a woman can drag men along with her to hell or stg like that... i remembered i read about it years ago, so i looked it up again n sharing dis with you - my girls


Pertama:- Ayahnya
Apabila seseorang yang bergelar ayah tidak memperdulikan anak-anak perempuannya di dunia.
Dia tidak memberikan segala keperluan agama seperti mengajar solat, mengaji dan sebagainya.
Dia membiarkan anak-anak perempuannya tidak menutup aurat.....
tidak cukup kalau dengan hanya memberi kemewahan dunia sahaja maka dia akan ditarik oleh anaknya.

Kedua:- Suaminya
Apabila seorang suami tidak memperdulikan tindak tanduk isterinya yang bergaul bebas di pejabat, memperhiaskan diri bukan untuk suami tapi untuk pandangan kaum lelaki yang bukan mahram, apabila suami mendiam diri......walaupun dia seorang alim (solat tidak tangguh, puasa tidak tinggal) maka dia akan ditarik oleh isterinya.

Ketiga:- Abang-abangnya
Apabila ayahnya sudah tiada, tanggungjawab menjaga maruah wanita jatuh ke pula abang-abangnya.....jikalau mereka hanya mementing keluarganya sahaja dan adik perempuannya dibiar melencong dari ajaran ISLAM ....tunggulah tarikan adiknya di akhirat.

Keempat:- Anak Lelakinya
Apabila seorang anak tidak menasihati seorang ibu perihal kelakuan yang haram dari islam,
maka anak itu akan disoal dan dipertangungjawabkan di akhirat kelak ......nantikan tarikan ibunya.

Maka kita lihat bertapa hebatnya tarikan wanita bukan sahaja di dunia malah di akhirat pun tarikannya begitu hebat ...
maka kaum lelaki yang bergelar ayah / suami / abang atau anak harus memainkan peranan mereka yang sebenar tidak silap firman ALLAH S.W.T.:-

nontheless, i also read stg about how a daughter could help her parents from going to solehah la kan. lets continue...

DARIPADA Aisyah, Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda maksudnya: “Sesiapa yang diberati menanggung sesuatu urusan menjaga dan memelihara anak-anak perempuan, lalu dia menjaga dan memeliharanya dengan baik, nescaya mereka menjadi pelindung baginya daripada api neraka." (Hadis riwayat Bukhari, Muslim dan at-Tirmizi)

Barang siapa mempunyai tiga anak perempuan atau tiga saudara perempuan atau dua anak perempuan atau dua saudara perempuan, lalu dia bersikap ihsan dalam pergaulan dengan mereka dan mendidik mereka dengan penuh rasa takwa serta bertanggungjawab, maka baginya adalah syurga.

p/s :peringatan bersama..untuk anda n saya juga.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

weekend blues

its saturday...n its 930 pm already.i havent done anything related to work today.

woke up at 11 dis morning coz me n hubby had a really late sleep last nite.
we went to malacca n i took the opportunity to spent the last precious moment with yana. she is done with B.ED TESL.yay yana!we had dinnerand i sent her off at MC.

then, me n dear husband went to see a midnite movie. johnny deep is in it n...unfortunately, public enemy has failed to keep me awake.i dozz off a few time but manage to come back to live bila terngiang2 pesanan suami....jgn tido eh syg.haha...siap berpesan okeh.sbb dier tau citer tu agak berat tuk midnite.n johnny deep nampak agak tua dah...hmmmm.we reach home at 4 am.jd kupu2 mlm plak sejak kawin nih

n surfing the net dgn tangan pijar dek cili husband is out looking for a drag me to hell dvd.arghh...lupa plak.kami main badminton td ptg n i was awed by kites n wau flying high on the sky.sgt damai suasana ptg td.

tgh carik mood nak buat kejer yg dah lama sayer tangguhkan...n there is a bog possibility dat i might put ii on hold for another 24 hours.misi mlm ni...siapkan RPH from Monday to i can focus on finding the right questions set for PK 3 dis coming thur n friday.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

nur kasih

after kekasihku seru....satu lg drama terbitan kabir bhatia.aku suka cita ni...takat ni xpenah miss

naper x balik?

since yesterday...suma oang keep asking me dis.
baba siap marah naper xikut kamal pegi kl.since my mother in law is in kl so baba ingat kamal is going there to pay a visit to his mother...sbnanyer tidak!
kamal is in kl rite now spending some quality(he said dat ok) time with his fren.
n i did not bother to tag along since dier insist...aku xpyh ikut.sa2...sbb budget xder nak pg naik keta.kao naik bas pon...nanti balik kena balik naik bas yg pon kena pg naik bas yg berlainan.leceh....dan dier xsuka benda yg leceh.
i don mind....up till yeterday i was not.when everyone start asking naper aku xblik...aku mula stress n mula rasa rindu yg teramat sgt pd suami saya.

mmg susah suami isteri tingal berjauhan ni...i donno how kwn2 yg lain boleh stand tp aku dah mula rasa penat n menyampah.maybe sbb mak aku asik tanya nape aku jer yang balik muar n kamal xbalik sgmt?haih....naper mak xnak paham yg muar tu rumahtangga kami.sgmt....rumah mak n baba.sayer kena pulang ke pangkuan suami.yes...mmg kdg2 balik kg.n kemal ader balik kan bulan lepas, mak?mak rindu kat menantu mak ye?nanti minggu depan kamal balik lg eh...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

curi makan jambu aku?!!!

i shouldn't tel dis to anyone since yesterday when i realize one of my jambu went missing....i promise i'll halalkan coz i noe who took it.

but...its funny really couse she has committed a crime secara terang-terangan. is d scenario.

yesterday...while teaching for my SBT class, i realize i need a marker to ask rosma (bkn nama sebenar) to go and take it for me from my car.mind was only park 10 footsteps from the i was waiting....i was checking my pupils answer n wonder what took her so actually said it n tot about one of teacher telling about her panjang tangan habit.i immidiately checked wheter i have my fon n wallet with me..and yes.i have it.

jd...i waited n waited for about 15 minutes n rosma open d door n said she couldn't find it.i put up a firm face n said
"i ask u to take my pencil case, rite?"

n rosma went "owh...."

she went again n brought me d pencil case with some stain on it.ader kesan jari berair.mmg terlintas dlm pikiran aku "dak ni mkn jambu aku ker" not being kedekut or what kan tp ntahla....lgpon, aku xsuka ader stain pd pencil case aku.

when the class finished....i was so tired n hot.campak brg dlm keta sambil mencapai jambu.n...THERE WAS ONLY 2 JAMBU LEFT!i felt like callig dat rosma n ask her but then....hey, its just a jambu.but...still siut kan.

okay...dat was yesterday.

today, i had my interbiu.
for d 2nd time.
i met an old friend back from jementah (place where i grew up)...farah fawcett.
everything went well until i opened the sampul sulit....(markah tidaklah banyak)
d problem is not d marks but my GB forget to ask the kerani to stamp her name on d report was not valid.i started shivering n d officer started calling my GB asking her to send her stamp at d school which is in Kluang.mestila dier tak nak anta...huhu.
nasib baik d inteviewer was nice...he allowed me to go through n just post d confidential report later.alhamdulillah.....

rentetan panggilan telepon yg dbuat pengawai mengecek sijil....GB asik call aku.mungkin dier nak marah la kan. pegawai tu siap tanya GB awak tu ader masalah ker?YE...MMG BESAR MASALAH GB SAYA YANG DAN FED UP BEKERJA ITU!inteviewer pon kata...naper cop yg lain, kat laporan sulit dier xcop?

n i answered
"yg lain sayer cop sendiri"

Friday, June 26, 2009


its not just today...but i have felt dis since i was in school when i started gaining weight.i can't recall when cause im having yo-yo weight when i was in school especially in high school.

whenever i eat something...whoever sits around me would start looking and analyzing my food and start lecturing about what i shud n shud not eat.i appreaciate dat very much...thank you.but what breaks me is how d lecture end.

"jangan kecik ati eh aku/sayer/mak ngah etc ckp ni.esok kalo badan ko berat, dah xleh nak turun lg dah...dah xguna menyesal masa tuh"

n usually, i wud smile n say
"eh...xper.xkisah pon.paham....terima kasih eh ingatkan"

but....what with the synicle look n grin whenever my plate isn't full with food?
dats me...i don eat much or many of whatever.not because im afraid of being fat, im already fat but because i have the right to eat as little as i want.asal nampak makan sikit jer...mesti nak tanya

"eh...mkn sikit.ko diet eh?"

n there goes the lecture again.mkn kena lecture....mkn sikit kena lecture...xmkn pon kena lecture.what irritates me is they keep talking about the same thing.again and again and again....EVERYTIME! fat , very fat indeed.don't u think im worried?have u ever heard about bahu yang memikul tu lebih berat dr mata yg melihat?!im not sick being fat but those toughts n talk dat linger around me is really killing me rite now.

salah ke kalo kiter xcantik?salah ke kalo baju yg can fit me well is only baju kurung?salah ke kalo i didnt wear jeans n blouses?i can still commit to work really far, xder penyalit bersarang dalam badan yg gemuk ni kecuali a little allergy on my left foot.adding to my xcantik doesnt belong to the community ker?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


"cantik cikgu hari ni"

hady said.hady is my boy from 1s.n i was smiling when he said dat n replied...thank u while taking my breath.

however, dis is not d reason alone why i am smiling all day today.d truth is...i donno why i was in a good mood gud news were heard after i got a called back for d interview...but, nothing bad is coming my way either.

i manage to do my RPH everyday since school started last week and all went well at home.and im still smiling looking at my LET report file which contains zero minute.hehe....i have to make up for about 20 reports or meeting minute to be send to the PPD.

i guess dis is just d effect of being more optimist in calm n just do what u got to do.

now...sat is a working day but we johorian got monday off for HARI HOL.unfortunately, my husband who works in muar is not getting his monday sayer nak pau dier banja wayang sabtu so excited to see dis

n yeah...tomorrow is pay good reason to keep dat smile!

Monday, June 15, 2009

1st JULY 2009

dis morning my kerani ask me to call d spp again asking about d interview....n it has been like a mont since i last cek my status.aku dah malas asik kena marah ngan oang yg angkat tepon tuh...

but just now....aku terasa nak cek..yerla, dah lama xcek kan.


back to school

minggu ni sayer bertugas?!bleh la baru tingat bila kuar dr keta n sedang pakai kasut...i have 4 hours a day n kena bertugas n da same time.ha...kena plak ader budak berak2..dajah 4 plak tuh.huhu...

today was a .........(bunyik cengkerik) quiet day at school.ramai giler cikgu xder sampai sayer juga kena relieve kan satu kelas.nasib baik today was a light day for me.relax...relax.but seriously, the parking lot was half empty, as well as the staff room.(sila bayangkan pekan koboi yg ader daun kering terbang2).n everytime i pass by the office, the gb was so delightedly talking about her trip to aussie.okeh....

esok ader kelas 2s!arrgghhh.....
i miss en.kamal already.hate being far sbb dier xsuka msg n i need to be with him to be able to 'communicte'.no mood for nothing rite now....

Thursday, June 11, 2009


time flies kan?yela...if it stop,means we're dead.but flies so fast sampai xpasan dah nak abih pon cuti 2minggu ni.

im spending my cuti in, siapkan sarapan, tgh hari siapkan lunch, ptg siapkan dinner or tea plak.sampaikan msg2 dr zai mesti ader soklan..."tgh masak ker".hehe...well, xderla sepanjang masa jer rasa menguruskan rumah tangga ni.cuma...will it be dis exciting bila dok penang nanti?kami mungkin dh xberdua.duduk plak bukan dgn kuarga sayer....die, mestila happy slalu.dasatkan?blom pon duduk di penang tp dah rasa home sick tuh.

home sick?will i feel sick being away from home?coz now i don.i had a quarrel with my sis last tues yg sampai skang masih mmberi kesan n i still feel mcm nak dok muar ni n xbalik sampai perasaan bukan budak2 kan?if u don want to talk to me...find.nasib baik dah ader suami.i can run to him.xpyh susah2 pk mana nak lari lg...

bila d muar plak...nak adjust dok ngan sorang laki yg membesar dengan cara yg berbeza juga boleh mengguris hati yer.hehe...sensitif sgt ker saya? learning something new about me, him n life everyday.while kemaskan his messy comic collections ...tnampak drawing of faces.he draws!n i just knew it....dier cuma suka mkn ikan goreng ngan sambal.senang kan?tp dier masih complicated sbb xnak makan nasik kenduri sbb xdjemput n dier xmembantu...complicated kan?tp dier masih membantu...duduk ddapor, bbual masa saye masak...cuma boring when he started to play his football manager.liverpool dah nak bankrap pulak tuh.besungguh jer die main... life revolve only around him dis 2 weeks.jd...cerita pon mestila ttg en suami kan?leka sampai kejer sekolah pon xsiap lg.sboa baru abihkan masuk nama jer....markah lom lg.buku adab cuma sempat tampal n sign jer, yg lain kena tunggu balik sekolah baru bleh siapkan.arini dah kamis...n esok will be friday.he'll be going back to penang alone sbb if i were to go, kena balik tgesa2 since isnin dah kejer.haih...

i guess dats it.xderla summary sgt mmg ini saja yg sayer buat sepanjang cuti.membiasakan diri menjadi suri en kamal ariffin..
i got to go n get ready to melaka...dier nak tgk lisa surihani.huhu


Monday, June 01, 2009

cuti lg

dah cuti sekolah...sayer suka tp rasa mcm dis holiday will pass mcm tu jer.i got no teringin sgt nak jln2..

Monday, May 18, 2009


katak ni tgh mrngawan ker?these two frogs really attract my attention as they were - sbnarnyer katak yg kat bwh tu jer - trying hard to got out of the drain.there was another frog yg nampak mcm chasing them here n there tp aku xdpt amik gambo coz it manage to jumped out first..with only one jumped.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

an overwhelming weekend

how do i start dis entry eh?
since the title is written - an overwhelming weekend- guess i have to start talking about how i spent my weekend.

n how is dat? actually grinning right now.simple bcoz im happy.walopon penat tp sgt bahagia!wahaha...i went back to muar over the weekend to spent time with my husband.for the first time after 2 weeks of marriage, we get to spent the time alone.meaning nobody else is around us.there was only us in his small box.he called it pondok.

cum sat...with a 'little' house chores to do - sayer rasa seperti berpindah rumah baru tp jiran sebelah kater cam nak raya huhu - we went out for breakfirst, beli brg rumah n sorts....n to my surpsrise he went to a bookshop to buy a sahibba set for me as a teacher's day gift.hadiah pon sgt keguruan.hehe...he was so excited nak balik cepat just to play sahibba.siap nak beli kamus!hehe...i find dat sweet...thanx abg.

and speaking of teacher's day..i think its not too late for me to wish happy teacher's day to all teslians specially...i received many wishes n than for those too.we'll be celebrating the real teachers day tomorrow walopon sblm ni dah 6 thn meraikannyaas teacher trainee.n bcoz im the s/u for dis year school level celebration...i hope nothing goes wrong esok.will be a busy day tomorroe...n im missing my husband already(xder kena mengena kan?)huu.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


before life was only umtil 1st may.i couldn't plan my life now im catching up with busy schedule at school again and come back to a quite empty squares. it is no more alive like before.

my sis is now in matrik changlun ntah.gud luck sis.
n d others are at their usual too....
elder sister teaching in labis
second brother n SIL teaching in muar
second sister n our lovely dear measyitah is in Ipoh.FYI, she also teaching in Politeknik ipoh.
yes...we're proud to be teachers.

oopppss...i happen to forget dear husband.he's not far.1 hour driving away jer....
so...basically, there's only me, baba n mak.tutition kelas blom start lg n im worried about the schedule.i am planning to spend my holiday in muar forgetting my tuition class which has been on hold for about a mont.huhu...kenala berkorban n spend only a week in muar.

the house is so quiet dat i sleep early everyday.lom kol doblas dah tdo.
the house is so quiet dat i took my own sweet time getting ready to school sampaikan dah 2 minggu lambat ke sekolah.bgn awal jer...
the house is so quiet dat i don have the courage to do the housechores n prefer to virtually hang out - serving the web dat is.if im lucky....i get to chat with dear hubby.heheh.... yawning.
feeling hot n semak.
coz im feeling really bored dat i want to cry.

Monday, May 11, 2009

on 9th May 2009(eppy bday shaz)....majlis sambut menantu diadakan dgn sgt sgt sederhana.

n with that...hari meraikan sayer dah selesai.penat jugak jd pengantin ni especially yg xtra chubby like ME.sgt tertekan melihat gamba kawin...huhu

here are some pic to share the moment kat AMPANG kena fokus balik dgn kerjer.pemantauan akan dlakukan jd....aku balik sek jd secretary.menguruskan fail koko n panitia tp jgn harap sayer nak tokok tambah yer.apa yang ader jer la.

usai majlis perkahwinan...kene plak uruskan majlis sambutan hari gur peringkat sek.cikgu yg aturkan program kena plak pk persembahan apa nak buat.budget pon dah lari nak beli hadiah ni.brg umah lg...huhu.xsaba nak hias umah cndr.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

im married!

i still can't believe d fact dat im married.sbb my husband dah balik penang menghantar mak cik n adiknyer pulang.sekejap gler masa bsama..hehe.

d happiest day of my life was also d worst day ever sbb i lost my total!ceno pon kater ckp ngan aku dah ckp ngumpat.hehe....n all my aunt said "xper...romantik skit ngan suami dier"

what do i feel now?penat gak...pening sbb xcukup tdo.not bcoz of the ceremony tp sbb tiap kali baring jer batuk.dah seminggu dah xder sora.agak2 kalo xder sora ni bleh ker mintak mc ekh?leh cuti lg....huhu

thanx again to those who came to my wedding.harap korang dpt layanan yg baik.ckp makan eh...hehe

anne (my mate)
anne (tesl babe)

p/s i may missed a few names.if i do sorry...u know who u are.

Thursday, April 23, 2009 thinking about an old fren...bleh ke anggap kwn eh?
kwn sepatutnya adalah oang yg xsesuka hati judge kawanyer yang lain.
well...i shudn't call it a frenship pon kan.yes...i still feel stupid.rasa mcm selama ni dipandang dengan mata yang berbeza.

hei...i know u change ur fon number bcoz u hate me calling u
n dat makes me feel really sorry knowing u.really really sorry...
if i cud delete u from dis tiny part of my memory, i willing to give up everything!

Friday, April 17, 2009

pening lalat

baru balik spa n skang cam pening2 lalat sbb bau benda2 yg dier sapu kat muka aku tuh.




Thursday, April 16, 2009

sports day

today's post adalah berkenaan hari sukan sekolah yg xbaper nak exciting kecuali...kecuali bila maskot rumah biru berkeliaran di padang semasa perarakan masuk.hehe....sbb mak, bazilah n me bertungkus lumus membuat kepak butterfly.yes...bila cikgu2 rumah ni ader tugas ygmencabar, our mother is always there.especially bila melibatkan kerja2 tangan sbb mak tau aku xkreatif [i used to cry back in standard 4 because my coconut tree doesn't bend like we always see in pictures...mak laughed n drew it for me.thanx ma]

back to hari was soo short.suma acara dijalankan dengan pantas sbb gb xnak acara meleret sampai tgh hari.panas katanya.kalo ikutkan gb tu...sukan tu xpyh buat pon.dier riso pasal byk duit nak pakai.but, i must say...walopon short n compact, it was still fun.aderla semangat team got second...

yg paling xbest ttg sukan hari ni adlah....esok hari sekolah seperti biasa.ralat giler bila tau gb mintak cuti peristiwa for TODAY! yg sepatutnyer hari sukan.hari sukan yg djalankan sbg acara tahunan, hari sukan yang termaktub dalam takwim sekolah.dier pg mintak as cuti peristiwa.ralat tak!!!!
alasannyer...supaya guru2 boleh excuse dari PNP.asal masa sambutan maulidur rasul hari tuh dier xmintak cuti peristiwa?!

Friday, April 10, 2009


aku suka yuna...hehe

bosan juga duduk dirumah dengan tidak berbuat apa2 ni kan?
apatah lagi esok hari persekolahan seperti biasa mengikut jadual hari khamis
i tot i escaped thursday
tp...kalo byk sgt lompang dlm jadual pon aku xsuka sbb aku suka duduk dlm bilik guru sambil makan biskut jacobs.very very cannot!
its been a while since my last not a writer or thinking-aloud kind of person sbb tu entry slalu ntah pape jer kan.

hari ni, rasa nak tulis
bila dah bukak xtau plak nak taip apa.

ok...lets start with how chaos my house is rite now.biasal nak kenduri n my tutor class has ended yesterday[for now la kan] and my pupils are having a mont holiday.hehe...alasan jer tuh.seriously, commiting myself to private tutor is has been a big help to me as a teacher.i had more fun teaching at home rather than shouting in big classes everyday.skang ni trend aku aja budak dajah 1 n 2s dalam library coz i can speak softly n aku leh pantau suma depan mata.yg menyusahkan tu, i have to go up n down the stairs tuk jemput my pupils.sbb case budak dagu tu la kan.

owh...speaking of d case - i went to an SBT and SAL talk replacing my GPK {suma GPKs jer dlm talk tuh..huhu}.suka jgakla kena pg sbb i knoe nothing bout SBT n such n they also talk about LET, action research, ICTL in class{sumanya yg berkaitan ngan panitia bi].then....aderla sedikit kata2 semangat tuk GPKs n salah satu adalah reminder ttg coming in to class is their core business.pas2 dier ckp pasal akibat kalo xmasuk kelas....
dier bercerita ttg my so-called case.kes budak dagu....yg paling meruntun jiwa dier kater saper suh cikgu tuh xmasuk kelas?mmg salah dier la...dier jwb la.kes saman tu sampai skang xselesai.
rasa nak aku control.sbb...citer kan.bila dah sampai kat telinga keseploh, mulut keseblas citer dah lain.
sebenarnyer...kes tu dah selesai pon.its a win-win situation.
aku dah bleh kawin ngan senang hati.hehe

apa lg?
ah...GB sgt mesra akhir2 ni.hehe....mungkin sbb ramai cikgu wish to be collegue kata izan pon xlama lg isik la borang tuka nih.
well...bukan dalam masa i noe pengakhiran aku adalah di soooo not ready to be and to live in penang!eventually kan....let time motivates me.hehe...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

earth hour

aku teruja dengan earth hour..
aku tutup lampu tp aku bukak yv.bleh kira ke eh?hehe

Friday, March 27, 2009


arini ader majlis sambutan maulidur rasul di sekolah.

salah satu isi ceramah...ustaz tuh tunjuk betapa besar pengorbanan ibu n ayah kita.well....citer yg biasanyer melibatkan ibu n bapa ni mmg biasanya akan membuatkan kita murah dengan air mata.

ingatkan budak2 ni kurang rasa sensitif kan...
surprisingly, when i was getting my kids ready to get their food...suma nangis(cuma sahadan sorang yg xder perasaan - siap gelakkan ustaz sbb nangis).nangis siap teresak2 yer.then..ingatkan nangis sbb gadi ke haper ker.tanyala...saper yg buat awk ni?
dier jwb sambil terputus2 suaranya - sayer sedih.sayer tingat kat mak saya.saya byk dosa cikgu..
budak tahun 1s ni.tahun 1s yg skang dab bleh kenal huruf skit2.hehe....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

satu guru....satu kajian tindakan

im feeling like a stud againbila kena buat kajian tindakan ni.mmg la nak buat simple jer...cikgu2 kat sek aku kater dier xkan ade masa nak baca suma.ko buat yg simple sudah la.pas2 tajuk kajian depa bombastik segala.huhu

aku xleh tdo mlm ni sbb aku ken abuat kajian tindakan yg aku dah anto tajuk tp xtau nak buat caner pon.tajuk yg aku bagi kat gpk tu pon aku dah buat jer tajuk baru.ok x?huhu..ntah paper plak tu aku merepek sampai 5 mukasurat.bimbang la pulak aku ni bila tgk oang lain punya cam tebal je siang td.baru proprosal beb...

rph juga blom disiapkan.kalo xtulih mlm ni kang dah tinggal 2 hari plak.malas nak back dated.mari bekerja sampai lebam!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

duit out of leaves

i am watching ponti anak remaja.
selama ni i tot ponti anak remaja tu nama dier ponti n dier adalah normal human being rupanya it is really a ponti yg telah dicucuk paku ke tengkuknya. liyana jasmay adalah pontinyer.
dier make money out of leaves by squeezing them!
yer...citer ni mmg full of imagination - not in a joyful way to use ur imagination la kan.
best giler kalo bleh pluck money from d trees kan!coz i really in need rite now.hehe

40 more days

esok dah keje n im
sbb cuti ini telah membiasakan aku dgn malam yg tenang n lazy days..
i still teach for my tuisyen class tp xsama weh.

school will be busy with PTA and sports day dis april n i will be busy with my wed preparation.
yes...i love being a busy bee.

yesterday, i overheard my sis saying dat if she gets married mak n baba just need to do kenduri doa selamat need to reserve for pelamin n all, no doorgift...etc.i suggested dat to baba a year ago but he said mcm kawin lari jer.
its not dat i want a very complicated wedding far, aku sgt berjimat cermat.kad pon buat yg 2posen jer.since buat yg lawa2 kang...oang buang jugak kan.n baba who insist on d pelamin.not me!12 pon dah murah la kena 1500 jer tau...
tlg la jgn komplen korang dah xder duit nak bg...xper.i don ask for your wedding kan...sayer tau la carik.i've settled most of the expenses pon...

to my family,
don worry.just be there...dah cukup dah.
mak...i don no if im ready to be married lepas baca checklist tuk tuk kadi yg dberi pej says pesanan dr ibu n terima kasih anak kepada ibu.will i ever thank you?im not closed to you n 40 days seems not enough to cover for almost 25 years of my life.hope ALLAH is with me to help me making dis 40 days a joyful moments for my parents

Saturday, March 21, 2009

inteview - phobic

as the title goes [im not sure kalo ader la nama saintific bg phobia dgn interbiu ni kan]
i went to pejabat agama last thursday to undergo an interview session untuk mendapatkan surat kebenaran bernikah dr pej last interview experience doesn't went well ....aku mmg nebes gila sampai sementara tunggu satu couple yg lama gila kat dlm bilik interbiue tuh.well, bila lama ni mesti byk soklan dier tanya la kan.
FYI, aku siap revise d nite before yer sbb takut dier nak tanya bbyk.baca2 - selak2 skit sbb kdg2 little details bg aku yg jahil ni kang dier tanya plak kan.n bdasarkan pengalaman en tunang, soklan dier cam simple jer kan.die kena mengucap, baca fatihah, rukun nikah n rukun mandi wajib.okeh...aku pon revise.

pg, sblm berangkat, terkumat kamit baca fatihah - siap makna.baca qunut takut tertinggal.n yakin dengan syahadah yg diucapkan setiap hari.sementara tunggu couple tu pon aku tkumat kamit lg.nampak jer pintu dbuka, aku menghela nafas panjang n mengorak langkah.ustaz tu tgh nak main kom.hehe....ustaz nampak sempoi jer kan.aku pon rileks.

selepas sessi berkenalan, ustaz tu suh mengucap
bismillah.....aku pon mengucap.
apa maknanya?
sudah...boleh la tlopa!melampau kan...5 kali aku ulang syahadah tu, tang laillahaillah tu dekat seploh kali gak ah baru tingat maksudnya TIADA TUHAN SELAIN ALLAH.gila punya nebes, sampai lupa!astghafirullah...rasa apa pon xtau ah.nasib baik yg seterusnya went well.

soklan seterusnya adalah:
baca fatihah
baca qunut

itu sahaja...suma dtanda lulus.spttnyer ader soklan munkahat ngn thoharah[bersuci] tp dier xtanya plak.sekejap giler kat dlm bilik tuh.

done dgn interbiu...proses seterusnya.menunggu...menunggu...menunggu untuk borang2 nikah tu la kan.komputer plak problem...oklah.tunggula

sekali...suma skali 20 hengget eh dik.

aku pon ngan yakinnya kuarkan wallet....

alamak akak...xckp.sayer ader 17 jer. {TUHAN jer ygtau betapa malunyer haku}
ah?xckp?emm...terpaksa la awk dtg smula ptg eh.kalo x xdpt la nak proses borang awk ni.
maaf....xto plak nak kena byr lg.{sambil tersenyum busuk}

malukan?makna syahadah bleh tlopa...duit plak xcukup!
alhamdulillah...everything is done.bak kata en tunang, tunggu nikah je la kan?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

home alone

my ntah-berapa-kali-ditinggalkan-sendirian weekend.hehe
no biggie...cheno i scoming tomorrow.i have sbt class in the busy, busy, busy
owh...they (mak, baba, bazilah n ema) went to jb dis afternoon to attend ema's fren's wedding.
naper sayer xikut?kerana busy d sekolah..n i love not whining ok.ckt pon tidak.dah biasa tinggal sorang..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

berani mati

yesterday lepas sekolah, me n baba went straight to ipoh.
well...d actual plan was just putraya tp baba insist to pick up nani back n so...we reacher home at 3.30 dis morning.sesampai jer rumah...i got out of d car n went straight to my room n zzzzzzzzz.sesungguhnya..mmgla xcukup kan.fortunately i have only half hour class on d morning n d rest will be after recess.straight sampai 2.30 including SBT class.

while i was doing a deep thinking n deeply staring at my RPH book on what shud i teach today....GPK 1 yg aku xbaper nak suka tu pon masuk sambil mmbawa buku ganti.dier nak beri aku satu kelas n i was like...*%$#@ . dgn mata mengantuk, aku mengangguk.aku xkisah sgt pasal mengantuk tuh sbb i know once im in class, hilang la mengantuk GPK tau plak i was cursing her n my sleepy headness(ader eh perkataan tuh?)...dier kater
-xpyhla izan...awak penuh plak lepas rehat yer.mesti penatkan?xckp masa rehat plak.-
dia xtau aku ke ipoh yer smlm.tima kasih cikgu.

so, i glanced at my watch and remembered i need to settle some matters regarding english carnival GPK memanggil sayer semula utk mencarik guru2 yg "bertuah".sambil bergurau...ah, kena jugak gantikan ibrahim yer(ibrahim tu en.par- dier balik kg cuci rumah sbb banjir).mana lg penat?duduk d kelas n berbual n budak ker berjalan serata sekolah mencari guru to inform them pasal jadual ganti tuh? class went well today.
budak tahun satu spelled T O I L E T and say TANDAS!hehe...xsalahkan.mereka nampak bersemangat hari ni.thanx nak!
aku masih mengantuk tp xdpt nak tdo sbb balik td terus mkn...ingat nak tunggu mknn dlm perut reda ckt, ttba dah kol lima.ha...mana sempat nak tdo.kang xbgn plak nak tgk assalamualaikum cinta.smlm dah tlepas dah...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

i lost my momentum in teaching...lama sgt cuti.
dobserve oleh GPK HEM baru yg cool giler...komen yg membina tp aku xsuka giler ngan GPK 1 aku yg judgemental tuh.dier sndr xpandai buat kejer dier as GPK - tp cbuk nak carik salah oang lain.yer...mmg aku ni xpandai buat abm tp at least aku xberpura2 menggunakan abm bila d'observe.not like u yg cbuk nak buat carta segala bila d'observe okeh!

n one more thing...TLG JGN MENTION LG AYAT - izan, oang bsusah pyh ni sbb kes ko, pg carik kak ram n mintak minit mesyuarat.ko kena tolong ni.cepat (ducapkan bila nampak aku balik dr kelas selepas 3 jam berturut2 kelas n baru duduk seminit)...aku tau aku xsalah n sangat yakin aku xsalah.bentila menekan aku dengan mengatakan korang bersusah payah ok!bentila buat2 muka tertekan tiap kali bapak budak tu gertak ko.dah hampir 6 bulan.oang tuh xder kejer.mana dier nak dpt duit menyaman sekolah pdhal anak dier ligat jer blari ke sana ke mari.

ok...itu part yg xbaper nak best dsekolah.

yg best?xder la is still mono.aku dtg kejer dah mula lambat skit skang.dulu 640 dah sampai sek but dis week tiap2 hari sampai kol 7.n aku agak kelam kabut ah skit sbb all week aku ader kelas kol 720.kdg2 cam xsempat la skit kan....balik plak slalu sampai umah kol 4 atau paling lewat 5...minggu ni kol 3 sbb aku malas nak stay.aku bwk balik suma kejer n arini aku siapkan suma kejer2 admin yg xsudah2.

ader english carnival next sbb sk kampong tgh uruskan mknn jer
n sbg ketua panitia sek,aku rasa gagal.aku xpandai aja dajah 1.aku tau depa bosan sbb aku juga bosan dgn cara aku mengajar.aku xpandai bercerita, xpandai menyanyi n budak kelas aku....XKENAL HURUF!!!MOST OF THEM XLEH MEMBACA...caner aku nak suh depa pdnkan gambo?kalo depa tau nak baca?camner aku nak aja depa tulis ayat..kalo depa xtau apa jadahnyer yg aku mengarut kat depan tuh!tlg aku weh....aku stress

Thursday, February 26, 2009

kdg2 rasa nak putus asa dgn hidup...
bukanla nak kata kufur nikmat kan tp kecewa dgn diri sendiri bila hidup selama 25 tahun ni, aku xpernah capai apa yg aku nak
sesal pon dah xbaper nak berguna sgt la kan.
alhamdulillah...i have a job.kejer yg kebanyakan masanyer buat aku ttekan giler2 tp kdg2 cikgu2 sek tu la yg buat aku sedar tujuan hidup ker aku?y am i asking dis q?sbb i never do anything right.ader je salah..walopon kecik tp kalo dhimpun, menyesal seumur hidup.cthnyer...kejadian smlm, RALAT giler!!!hari ni...lg satu kejadian.selalunyer kejadian2 ni akan buat aku sedar yg aku ni gagal sbg individu.sentiasa nak kena ader oang yg buat checklist tuk aku.

Ya Allah, aku tau ini suma adalah cara kau tunjuk kasih sayang Mu.dan aku tau Engkau menguji aku krn aku mampu tp semakin lama aku mula terasa bodoh, aku mula terasa malang.maafkan aku Ya Allah..

Hari ni aku rasa xnak kawin.
sbb aku sedar aku masih xmampu buat keputusan sendiri.
walopon punca kebengagan aku terhadap diri sendiri hari ini kecil berbanding smlm, tp ia ttp membri kesan n impact yg mampu membunuh.
maaf mak...bkn sesajer jer nak buat keputusan sendiri tp tempah baju jer pon.i tot it was going to be ok.xtau plak bila dpt tuh nak jd sempit segala kan.mak nampak kecewa...mungkin sbb mak tau anak dier xkan jd mcm pengantin lain on their big day.

n aku betul2 rasa xnak kawin.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


i woke up at 4 dis morning and read dis msg...thanx to ceno.she forwaded to me yesterday n xsangka i really need it today.

Dari Imam Al-Ghazali:
ketika aku mohon kekuatan, Allah beri aku kesulitan sehingga aku kuat,
ketika aku tidak pernah menerima apa yg aku pinta, Allah memberi apa yg aku perlukan...

(sebenaryer...msg ni panjang dua baris ayat ni cukup bermakna hari ni)

yer...sgt dalam maksudnyer.Allah punya jawapan tuk setiap apa yg berlaku dlm hidup kita.setiap buruk ader baiknya.dan apa sahaja yg dtg dr Allah hanyalah demi kebaikan kita.DIA MAHA TAHU.hari ini, aku belajar utk menerima segala ketentuan nyer.bukan la maksudnya selama ni xpernah terima, tp aku ngaku kekadang kita mudah menyalahkan oang lain atas kecuaian sendiri.hari ni...satu lg bukti, aku ni absent minded.jiwa kosong!!!!

today had been a terribly bad having emotional break down (xsudah-sudah kan) n thanx to ceno n zai im able to laugh walopon diiringi tangisan.amazingly, baba langsung xmara sy n we didn't even fight over d matter.

betul...sayer guru siswazah.sejajar dgn jolokan itu....sayer sentiasa cuba sedaya upaya menurut perintah dari pihak atasan.u are open to judge me any way u want but i determine to change and im taking it one step at a time or maybe i need a bigger step dis not egois...but i am a grown up , a lady indeed.i have dignity.pls...dont treat me like im an uneducated junk.

its raining cats n dogs the whole of my day.
i love rain
it calms me
alhamdulillah...i know Allah loves me
i've been n still crying now n Allah permit the rain to be with me n calm me.
Allah xkan menguji n menduga lebih dari kemampuan kita. bersyukur atas kejadian hari ini.
sayer patut belajar n bukan menagisi walopon ader la sedikit ralat kan.

im going to be busy again tomorrow...menyiapkan segala keje tertngguh.lucky me, esok budak start peksa n i hope they'll do well for their first time dis year.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

lesson plan

waktu cuti yg xmenentu dah buat sayer lost trach with my lesson at school..

wah!terrible sbb dah lupa mana nak start wat lesson plan.

belom study tok temuduga la...emmm, im getting too comfortable ngan cuti nih.dasat kan?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

my first time (i hate being sick)

pertama kali.....dimasukkan ke wad.sebenarnya xsakit...
tp the infection had caused mt feet to swollen sampai keras, reddish n hot.sbb tu asik kena demam panas.

smlm sahaja, darah diambil 3 kali untuk ujian darah.selepas lima kali ujian...confirmed sayer xder, what caused the infection?i have no idea.sayer xtpijak duri....xtepijak kaca.cuma ulat air yg bersarang at my left foot and now causing infection not only on my bare skin but also darah sayer.yer...darah sayer telah tercemar.

bila d'beritakan yg sayer terpaksa dmasukkan ke worried about all m job.kejer tertangguh.kesannya, puan gpk telah menelepon aku sepetang td berbincang ttg penyata kewangan koko yg sepatutnya aku hantar kepadanya hari ini.i've also missed my english panel meeting today.n i also will miss watching the netball tournament in jementah.

kelaur dr wad...dberi mc 7 hari sehingga 24 minggu depan.a loong break.alhamdulillah...i really need it since doc said berjalan n berdiri lama juga punca bengkak tu menjadi2.still...cuti pon xmcm cuti.kena siapkan soklan week kena siapkan budak cheerleading.sayer dah dpt lagu n gerak tarinye.kak binah will demonstrate dat.not me..hehe.n d most importante is my interview!it is on 25..hehe.rasa cam coti sebulan plak.bleh kira baper kali aku g sek bulan nih.

sian encik tunang...asik msg je kater malangnyer dier xder transport nak dtg n see how im doing.hmm...saper suh tinggal kete kat penang?mak n baba sgt riso tgk sayer masih bergerak ke sana sini.
baba kata "oang bagi rehat tu..rehat la" huhu
malangnya sayer xbleh...tons of workload.sayer suka bekerja...sayer suka membusykan diri.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


i've been called for interview...
nak baca apa ekh?aku dah lama xmembaca benda2 fakta ni.
excited gak sbb aku ni kan suka bercakap..hahaha

kena interview kat muar plak tuh...hehe.suka...suka..suka

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i am on mc today due to the infection and swollen feet.
alhamdulillah...the blood test went well, everything is normal.i don have diabetis and my calorie level is also ok.
again, alhamdullillah...walopon gemuk la kan.

so, i decided to finish all the unfinish bussiness.after the blood test (uh!i fell in front of the clinic sbb sebelah kaki termasuk dlm lubang hurts and rasa diri tersangat lah malang), i went to the bank to pay the car instalment.about the car - many people has been asking me why did i bought se, why not just take the regular myV.why not?as if u r going to pay for it!xperla kan...
anyway..back to my unfinish bussiness.after the bank, i went to SAJ to pick up my rings (i sent it for repair).masa dekat SAJ tu, everyone was
"EH, ni anak kak esah yg dekat opis lam akita tu eh?"rasa cam popular giler.
The SAJ staff moved from the old office when i was in standard six.sbb 2 they all cam.wah!dah besar.kalo jumpa kat luar mesti xkenal.dah kejer?dok mana?dah kawin?n so on...hehe.sbnanyer mak yg glamer.ku tumpang glamer jer.

balik umah, wat lesson plans for today n tomorroe.since i have tuisyen class till ten, i need to finish half of it by SBT class will start tomorrow.need to plan what to teach n decided to preapre the same things dat i prepare for my year 4 n 5 pupils at home.

ptg, pg bola jaring.

n i just finished my tuisyen class.
now settling some work for my Ko-Kurikulum schedule n sorts.
there goes my mc.i can hardly walk...but still AS BUSY AS A BEE.kalo x, camner nak bayo duit keta?camner nak bg mak ayah makan?camner nak baya duit tenet?api air segala?huh?
so...alhamdulillah. i still have a job.

Monday, February 09, 2009


ceno ngan zye dah biasa when i said i got infection...
yes,i got d infection again
went to d clinic last since its getting foot has swollen and reddish. my body temperature increased and too turn reddish.
dr aznil yg cute dan baik hati gave me an injection n he called me adik.sweet huh..usually a doc will call u cik or awak or any formal nick, but he called me adik.

d worst part is takut!

Saturday, February 07, 2009


yay!sk kampong tengah won all four games altough kak binah keep saying dats not good enuff.
tp they had only two weeks practice and the scores were 14-19.its not bad rite?
i still think they played well...u go girls!our school will hold all the practice for MSSK daerah since we won d game n we have the most player to represent zon kan?sbb nanti MSSK daerah will be in Paya former primary school...ah,i so miss paya jakas.

balik dr game at about 1...i threw everything and hunger for a good sleep.n now my body is aching and my head is spinning.rasa cam nak demam sgt.n my feet got the infection again.maybe i let it bernanah not fit to drive to the pharmacy.huhu...

mak n baba keep calling my other siblings asking if they are coming home for this three days holiday and sadly they are not.poor them...bored to rasanya sayer lebih bosan dr mereka krn baba asik tgk berita pasal politik d perak.horror kan?

tot of washing orange todat..but maybe next week.huhu

Friday, February 06, 2009


alhamdulillah...ayu has safely delivered a baby girl yerterday but the baby had to be submitted due to apa ntah.

planning to visit her soon


tomorrow my girls will be in war...
they can play la kan walopon baru menceburi bidang bola jaring ni selama 2 minggu.
i really miss playing netball.i used to be a good GS in school.unfortunately due to my heavy weight n some probs with my knee...i am forced to leave netball behind.sad...

tp i can still cheer for the girls cumanya im going there as pengurus far during practice...i used my voice all out to make sure they did d right thing.they love to jump but they donno how to land.they scream n shout for ball but easily lose it to another team.chaiyok girl!

lately im struggling and fighting with myself.
part of me just wanna sleep and forget about everything tp amanah has made me stronger.i have kids at school waiting for me everyday.poor amirul haqeem...sorry eh,teacher never hates you but for now i just couldn't bare looking at makes mad.completely mad as in angray that cud get me crazy.
im trying hard to work on my discipline but so far, i've fail.hope it is still not to late for me.
i believe i can do it tp with all the stress n kesibukan, i keep looking for food as my aspirin.ALLAH...HELP ME!im in massive hurts so much dat i feel like stabing myself with a pen.

p/s ;nampak azri ezrai ptg td. tersenyum jer dia.hilang duka lara...haih
apa yang menarik dalam hidup sayer skang cma budak dagu.

yesterday, d school had a solat hajat to ask helps n mercy from Allah for d case.n referring to my post before, cikgu2 dlarang bercerita dgn sesaper shj jd yg terlibat tuk solat hajat smlm was only d teachers.i was exhausted yesterday sbb i had to stay at school until 4 sbb settle kan bahan2 bukti untuk kes tersebut (aku xkisah sgt sbb dis is for my own sake jugak kan)legal advisor of d kementerian called d school and ask for all bukti n laporan.kemudian, ke sesi latihan bola jaring dr jam 4 hingga 6 ptg sbb aku SU koko...jd penat x penat kena pegi.
ah...dah ckp penat dengan itu, aku bersiap utk ke solat hajat.aku hanya sempat tatap wajah ibu ayah selama 15 minit sahaja.sbb 15 minit lg kat umah tu aku spent kat bilik air.suma gara2 budak dagu

gb cried pas solat hajat.n aku...rasa sgt berslah sbb rasa mcm aku yang dah bwk masalah pada sek tersebut.frankly, dengan kekuciran yang berlaku d sekolah...dengan gb yg sedikit pentingkan dr, aku dah xkisah pasal kena berhijrah ni.tolong la percepatkan proses pengesahan jawatan sy!

ok back to gb menangis.yes...aku ader sedikit rasa bersalh sbb troubles is my middle mana sahaja aku pergi, apa sahaja yg aku buat will mostly end up in chaos.rasa mcm aku membawa malang dlm idup oang sekeliling aku.n dis feeling has taken over me sampai aku penat mental.....sgt penat mental!tp aku juga rasa maybe ujian ini untuk kami berdua.jd bukan aku sorang jer rasa beban skang ni.when will dis b over?no idea...just keep working n do my best..

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


we had a very short meeting with the GB at the canteen was the firt time i saw her in a garang way (i lost my word - sorry) . we have been told earlier it would be becoz of budak dagu kes.ok...i donno about others but it really affected my emotion everytime they mention the budak dagu case.

gb said it has spread to the kementerian...and d short meeting was only to remind us that we r not allowed to talk about it to anyone.not even our close family or frens.FYI, even d amah n tukang kebun was called for that very very short meeting.i noe i am noe, technically telling u about d story tp gb cuma melarang kami hanya kerana takut ader percanggahan pendapat.yes..i agreed.apa sahaja cara yang dapat menyelamatkan sekolah kami,aku sokong since nama aku la yang paling sinonim ngan kes budak dagu ni tp aku sgt paham apa niat gb ni.die telah mereka satu cerita yang akan terus menyusahkan aku n terus kata cerita dier adalah sgt benar.shot!u putting ME in jeopardy ok.n dier sendiri mempertikaikan keberadaan aku d waktu ketika itu.mungkin i shud not be asking dis tp tlg la back up aku skit.pulak tuh...aku jer la yang dkaitkan.kan ke berlaku masa pertukaran waktu.KENAPA CIKGU SELEPAS TU XKENA SBB BUDAK TU JATUH TEPAT 850?!

satu lg aku emo ngan GPK 1...boleh la dier tanya aku, naper aku pegang post penting kalo tau masa aku paling byk kat sekolah tu?hello!bila la plak aku sukarela nak jadik SU ko-ku ngan panitia tuh?!sengal tul la...suma nak berlagak gila kuasa dowh...pegila buat aduan sekolah kekurangan guru.lagi nak salahkan aku.

Monday, February 02, 2009

short story

i need to submit a short story entitled thank you teacher

the prob is: (i am always in trouble...huhu)
i don really know how to write a short story.thank you

last weekend was a blast..seswai ker penggunaan blast itu?mungkin tidak tp cam best jer nak guna kan.hehe...
aman was here for his pre-wedding course.dier sgt murung kerana terpaksa meggunting rambut earlier than he plan.walopon he stayed for 3 days 2 nite, dier sbnanyer mcm xder sbb pg2 dah pg kursus kahwin...ptg plak blk.we went to pasar mlm n he bought a 2, busy memasang model gundam.tidak melayan saya.frust...time is short ok.sgt cepat masa berlalu.sedar2 sah hari ahad...dah kena anta dier balik

on our way..there was an accident kat jalan ledang yg bersimpang siur.jln tu sgt kecik jd nampak dengan sgt jelas mangsa kemalangan yg dtutup dengan kertas.u noe what dat means ok...blood was all over the road.masa nak balik semula ke segamat dah around 8 la kan.i was so...bdebar2 nak lalu jln tuh.n lebih bdebar2 bila i was d only car passing through n lampu neon dr kereta menyuluh darah sepanjang 2 meter.horror!aku asik terbayang citer kekasihku seru...paranoid kan?

ini maklumat tambahan...masa aman pg kursus, dier xpakai baju melayu.n asik dtegur penceramah.salah ke pakai tshirt?kalo pakai tshirt...ilmu xmasuk ke?masa aku amik kursus kat uia tuh, suma pon pakai tshirt.xde masalah pon!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

im sleepy

i couldnt sleep last night...bcoz im alone at home and my paranoia just get into me.i switch on d tv until morning and sleep at about 4.i promise kak binah to go to school and i promise myself to redecorade my woke up at 930, rushed for my bath and spend less then an hour at school.

why?when i reached school, i was still hanging in d that the right phrase?senang sgt mengantuk.sedang menguruskan borang claim, d GB shared more news about budak dagu.remember i talked about d father asking d school to write an apology letter to him and spread d news to all school in segamat?well, dis cae is not new to the JPN but now it got the diector's need to prepare myself for d worst.

im confused.i donno which one to believe.they look like they support me but they also implying dat im in this alone!naper oang melayu suka amik jalan mudah?felcra fired u from work,u sue them.ur son fell in class while playing with their frens n u blame me.sue the u know dat ur son could fall walopon while walking with u?!who r u gonna blame then?ah...yeah, blame d stupid stone...never u.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

no idea

suka nak start my blog with its been a while...hehe

well, nothing new happen in life.all is mono and sooo routine.
i promise my gpk koku to come and visit...visit eh.bkn couching - the school netball team practicing during dis cny holiday.but i couldnt tell myself to be get up and just drive to school.tersangatla malasnya...

its thursday tomorrow n i did nothing during my precious holiday - our school had to do last minute rayuan sbb gb rasa cuti ini tidak dperlukan sebenarnya! mak, baba n ema has just left to putrajaya because bazilah had a gastrik all alone at home because i got tuisyen class tomorrow.i cancelled today's session because poksu n atuk is here to discuss about d wedding.

d big prob is budgeting.they asking me to sponsor tshirt for d guys n baju kurung for the ladies.ok...tshirt boleh la kan.n aku cuma mampu sponsor 10 hengget tuk setiap baju kurung yg setiap kali buat headcount akan bertambah seorg.jumlah terkini adalah 12 org..tidak termasuk my little cousins.mmg aku perlu bekerja keras~!sumanya dah sgt lari dr plan wed is supposed to be simple.i know aman dah sdkit penine kepala whenever i mention d new suggestion from d sekali seumur hidup kan.lets make it worth it people!

uh..and i miss my frens!alhamdulillah i got d chance to hang out with them during the festive hols.ain and ayu is expecting...can't wait.

n anne...d song is stay by estrella.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


sekolah sayer menghadapi konflik pengurusan
guru besar tidak suka bergaul ngan orang bawahan menyebabkan pentadbiran kelam labut.sayer sgt tidak suka

i have to change my wedding theme sbb kat butik xder size baju with my previous theme colour.huhu....

i love teaching year 1 and 2 but maybe i will love them more if i can reduce yelling to them.tolong la dgr cikgu ckp eh...

i love going for meeting and get busy until i have no time to think about other things except school and my big tired but less the tense.

ajar tuisyen bukan la perkara mudah...huhu

tag by dell

1. Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
money, phone, laptop

2. Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan wang sendiri?
minyak keta

3. Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?
kat kg jawa...

4. Berapa lama anda rasa hubungan kamu berkekalan?
INSYAALLAH...hingga ke akhirnya.

5. Adakah anda dilamun cinta?
6. Di manakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
my mom nasik goreng..hehe

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
buku garis empat utk budak dajah 2 kelas tuisyen saya

8. Apakah nama penuh kamu?

9. Kamu lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?

10. Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin jumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?
my trueself...sayer masih cuba mencari diri

11.Sebutkan 8 nama sahabat yang paling rapat dengan kamu?
ceno, zai, anne, ain, shaz and aman.maaf...sayer mmg kurang bersosial.hehe

12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian anda sendiri?
yer...sayer sendiri masukkan dalam washing machine

13. Tempat yang paling seronok kamu mahu pegi?
back to taman pelangi where i grew up

14. Pelukan atau ciuman?

15. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag kamu.
delly adalah
1.a friend indeed
2sgt suka membantu
4 dia dah ader bf
5. dier asal BRUNEI

16. 8 perkara yang amat saya gilai
8?byk nyer...
1. my car fiance
4.arcade game
5.get busy
6.quarelling with mak
7. anime
8.......all the above.......

8 perkataan yang sering di ucapkan
baba ni ker?
kak...nak tanya
eh...caner ekh?
kalo kurus kan best
saye nak.....
......and all the above....

8 buah buku yang paling terbaru dibaca
me and mr darcy
cinderalla story
majalah pengantin
100 koleksi kamar beradu dan pelamin
.....ok,mmg aku kurang baca buku.....

8 lagu yang saya boleh dengar berulang kali.
i hate tis part ight here
love story
love bug
better in time
.....xingat dah....

8 perkara yang saya pelajari tahun lalu
mmg sayer hanya layak menjadi guru bahasa inggeris
saye belum matang
sayer sgt tidak bersedia untuk berkahwin
sayer perlu mengawal rasa mara
sayer perlu lebih positif n sensitif
perlu jadi lebih penyayang

- Mari meng'tag' 8 orang lain.
cukupla tuh..hehe

Saturday, January 17, 2009

what happen?!

yesterday...i cried in front of year 1 pupils.i just lost it..i really felt relieve and thankful when d school said my case has been discharge.unfortunately, d father still nak tuntut his so-called hak.i was nervous and terrified bcoz dis time people from jpn came down with pihak ketiga from melaka.its starting to get worried..and alhamdulillah all teachers are with me,supporting me all d way.

i was already in an emotional state bcoz of my bad way of teaching.i can't create various teaching aids othe rthan word card, and writing passage and story on board.all pupils has been dissapointing.yes..i know it required a lot of courage to teach pupils who doesnt know how to write and those who turn deaf when they heard English.but im starting to feel like i have failed as a teacher whenever pupils fail to do what i ask them to.kdg2 tuh suh salin je pon!itu pon dier tanya..teacher, nak salin caner ekh?ngan muka naive..arrghhh!

went to visit zye dis afternoon...she looked terrible bad but she was physically ok.alhamdulillah.hopefully she will fuly recovered and get her face as it was before.

dis week i learnt dat everything happens for a reason.ader sbb knaper i have to be homerun teacher for year 1.kelas budak xkenal huruf n xpandai baca plak tuh.
i need to learn to be more patient and more badly.
i need to learn to be more motherly, not sister like to my pupils.
i need to be more coutious.
i need to be more systematic.
i need to be more sensitive

sayer xtau buat teaching aids and how to make my class interesting.sgt preasure....
tp.sayer mula menghargai diri.bukan senang nak lalui kehidupan sbg oang gemuk...i need to lose weight badly but everytime im giving all i have to it, its just swallowing me deeply into it.thanx dear aman for making me believe dat u have accept me as i am but i really need to do pain no gain aite?tiap kesakitan tu ALLAH akan pasangkan dengan keberkatan.insyaALLAH.
.NEED TO MAKE A MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT - where is my strength!!!!

everyday, we tend to blame others for what happen and forget what we did dat makes us deserve such ujian dr ALLAH.we need to learn to accept our own mistakes, correct it and pray dat ALLAH accept our deeds to ensure a better life ahead.kiamat dah makin hampir...dengan mendekatkan diri pada Allah je la yang dpt selamatkan kita, dunia dan akhirat.semoga kita semua peroleh keberkatan dan perlindungan d ALLAH dr terus melakukan kesilapan dalam hidup yag akhirnya memudaratkan.doakan juga kebebasan palestin...

Monday, January 12, 2009

still not sweating


im going to kluang tomorrow for english panel meeting for JOHOR.

now, byk kejer tuk kelas, unit koku and english panel meeting itself.

xtau bila nak start kelas tuisyen.maybe i shud just do it over d weekend.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009



pls ALLAH, give me the courage.
pls ALLAh, im begging for your mercy dan sy mohojn kejayaan untuk apa sahaja yang sedang saya lalui.permudahkansegala urusan bagi saya.

owh...seorg budak muntah dalam kelas arini.i can still smell it..and i almost throw up myself while cleaning her.huh!

back to work

its new year...and im back to work.these few days has been tiring and fun.
i pray every morning dat im able to work better and harder than my previous teaching year one and two dis year.i have 4 classess of one hour is 4 hours total a day.i have took it positively and alhamdulillah...i have fun.

im getting busier with work and personal.and i like it a lot!dis year resolution, to continue what i haven't finish and no complaint!