Saturday, February 07, 2009


yay!sk kampong tengah won all four games altough kak binah keep saying dats not good enuff.
tp they had only two weeks practice and the scores were 14-19.its not bad rite?
i still think they played well...u go girls!our school will hold all the practice for MSSK daerah since we won d game n we have the most player to represent zon kan?sbb nanti MSSK daerah will be in Paya former primary school...ah,i so miss paya jakas.

balik dr game at about 1...i threw everything and hunger for a good sleep.n now my body is aching and my head is spinning.rasa cam nak demam sgt.n my feet got the infection again.maybe i let it bernanah not fit to drive to the pharmacy.huhu...

mak n baba keep calling my other siblings asking if they are coming home for this three days holiday and sadly they are not.poor them...bored to rasanya sayer lebih bosan dr mereka krn baba asik tgk berita pasal politik d perak.horror kan?

tot of washing orange todat..but maybe next week.huhu

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