Monday, May 18, 2009


katak ni tgh mrngawan ker?these two frogs really attract my attention as they were - sbnarnyer katak yg kat bwh tu jer - trying hard to got out of the drain.there was another frog yg nampak mcm chasing them here n there tp aku xdpt amik gambo coz it manage to jumped out first..with only one jumped.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

an overwhelming weekend

how do i start dis entry eh?
since the title is written - an overwhelming weekend- guess i have to start talking about how i spent my weekend.

n how is dat? actually grinning right now.simple bcoz im happy.walopon penat tp sgt bahagia!wahaha...i went back to muar over the weekend to spent time with my husband.for the first time after 2 weeks of marriage, we get to spent the time alone.meaning nobody else is around us.there was only us in his small box.he called it pondok.

cum sat...with a 'little' house chores to do - sayer rasa seperti berpindah rumah baru tp jiran sebelah kater cam nak raya huhu - we went out for breakfirst, beli brg rumah n sorts....n to my surpsrise he went to a bookshop to buy a sahibba set for me as a teacher's day gift.hadiah pon sgt keguruan.hehe...he was so excited nak balik cepat just to play sahibba.siap nak beli kamus!hehe...i find dat sweet...thanx abg.

and speaking of teacher's day..i think its not too late for me to wish happy teacher's day to all teslians specially...i received many wishes n than for those too.we'll be celebrating the real teachers day tomorrow walopon sblm ni dah 6 thn meraikannyaas teacher trainee.n bcoz im the s/u for dis year school level celebration...i hope nothing goes wrong esok.will be a busy day tomorroe...n im missing my husband already(xder kena mengena kan?)huu.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


before life was only umtil 1st may.i couldn't plan my life now im catching up with busy schedule at school again and come back to a quite empty squares. it is no more alive like before.

my sis is now in matrik changlun ntah.gud luck sis.
n d others are at their usual too....
elder sister teaching in labis
second brother n SIL teaching in muar
second sister n our lovely dear measyitah is in Ipoh.FYI, she also teaching in Politeknik ipoh.
yes...we're proud to be teachers.

oopppss...i happen to forget dear husband.he's not far.1 hour driving away jer....
so...basically, there's only me, baba n mak.tutition kelas blom start lg n im worried about the schedule.i am planning to spend my holiday in muar forgetting my tuition class which has been on hold for about a mont.huhu...kenala berkorban n spend only a week in muar.

the house is so quiet dat i sleep early everyday.lom kol doblas dah tdo.
the house is so quiet dat i took my own sweet time getting ready to school sampaikan dah 2 minggu lambat ke sekolah.bgn awal jer...
the house is so quiet dat i don have the courage to do the housechores n prefer to virtually hang out - serving the web dat is.if im lucky....i get to chat with dear hubby.heheh.... yawning.
feeling hot n semak.
coz im feeling really bored dat i want to cry.

Monday, May 11, 2009

on 9th May 2009(eppy bday shaz)....majlis sambut menantu diadakan dgn sgt sgt sederhana.

n with that...hari meraikan sayer dah selesai.penat jugak jd pengantin ni especially yg xtra chubby like ME.sgt tertekan melihat gamba kawin...huhu

here are some pic to share the moment kat AMPANG kena fokus balik dgn kerjer.pemantauan akan dlakukan jd....aku balik sek jd secretary.menguruskan fail koko n panitia tp jgn harap sayer nak tokok tambah yer.apa yang ader jer la.

usai majlis perkahwinan...kene plak uruskan majlis sambutan hari gur peringkat sek.cikgu yg aturkan program kena plak pk persembahan apa nak buat.budget pon dah lari nak beli hadiah ni.brg umah lg...huhu.xsaba nak hias umah cndr.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

im married!

i still can't believe d fact dat im married.sbb my husband dah balik penang menghantar mak cik n adiknyer pulang.sekejap gler masa bsama..hehe.

d happiest day of my life was also d worst day ever sbb i lost my total!ceno pon kater ckp ngan aku dah ckp ngumpat.hehe....n all my aunt said "xper...romantik skit ngan suami dier"

what do i feel now?penat gak...pening sbb xcukup tdo.not bcoz of the ceremony tp sbb tiap kali baring jer batuk.dah seminggu dah xder sora.agak2 kalo xder sora ni bleh ker mintak mc ekh?leh cuti lg....huhu

thanx again to those who came to my wedding.harap korang dpt layanan yg baik.ckp makan eh...hehe

anne (my mate)
anne (tesl babe)

p/s i may missed a few names.if i do sorry...u know who u are.