Wednesday, May 13, 2009


before life was only umtil 1st may.i couldn't plan my life now im catching up with busy schedule at school again and come back to a quite empty squares. it is no more alive like before.

my sis is now in matrik changlun ntah.gud luck sis.
n d others are at their usual too....
elder sister teaching in labis
second brother n SIL teaching in muar
second sister n our lovely dear measyitah is in Ipoh.FYI, she also teaching in Politeknik ipoh.
yes...we're proud to be teachers.

oopppss...i happen to forget dear husband.he's not far.1 hour driving away jer....
so...basically, there's only me, baba n mak.tutition kelas blom start lg n im worried about the schedule.i am planning to spend my holiday in muar forgetting my tuition class which has been on hold for about a mont.huhu...kenala berkorban n spend only a week in muar.

the house is so quiet dat i sleep early everyday.lom kol doblas dah tdo.
the house is so quiet dat i took my own sweet time getting ready to school sampaikan dah 2 minggu lambat ke sekolah.bgn awal jer...
the house is so quiet dat i don have the courage to do the housechores n prefer to virtually hang out - serving the web dat is.if im lucky....i get to chat with dear hubby.heheh.... yawning.
feeling hot n semak.
coz im feeling really bored dat i want to cry.

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