Friday, January 22, 2010


i have left my blog in idle for a long time aite?
not dat i don have anything to talk about...i have a lot of things going around me lately. it just that im not a got story teller.. talk about being pregnant is one thing. there are a lot of new experience that makes me appreciate dis life more n of course my mother more. im in my six monts of pregnancy now n yes, there are a lot of difficulties other than wonderful experience coz of the overweight status im soon as i can feel the baby moving in me..i cant really wait for him or her to come anxious but at the same time feels afraid as im not sure if i am able to be a good mother.but hey...ALLLAH knows whats best for us aite?HE definately knows im ready.masa scan baby was the most amazing moment...the heartbeat n all just fascinating.subhanallah...there is a living thing inside me!

unfortunately, with dis wonderful news come a bad one husband have to quit his job n move back to penang earlier than we plan.its the hardest thing that i have to face now.since i heard the news almost two monts mentally ill.masa bcinta xperla nak PJJ, but now that im pregnant, i really hope that he'll be beside me all the time, to support and love me more.
in addition to that, mak n baba is always away n as im typing this...there are in Perak for i do not know how long.

work is not helping too.i have to teach year six dis year along with another super senior english teacher who has been teaching year six like forever.we ought to do team teaching actually but rite now we're separating the class n i really have no idea on how to get on with it.

or maybe im just losing my focus because im away from my husband?!n being left alone most of the time isnt helping me much.oang kater masa ngandung ni jgn slalu stress as it will affect the baby's being when he or she is born but i really have no idea on how to just go through dis without faking a smile sometimes but talking with the baby helps sbb anak sy sgt aktif di actually responds to me...