Sunday, November 29, 2009

induction is over...n a week of school holidays has past too.
what now?
i have a lot of plan in mind for my class next year but let just enjoy d holidays first aite?
got tons of wedding invitation...check chenor's and waiting for ona's n aesha's.sorry to frens from d north.its too far la girls....hehe

i had a great time during induction especially meeting other teslians girls there.being in one room with ona really made me feel like in college again.meronggeng sampai mlm sampai lupa plak im carrying a baby in me.n d most unexpected was d meeting with kamal gopalan.a chilhood fren.xsangka giler kamal jd cikgu..hehe.

best jugak bila dpt ramai kwn baru.masa memula nak pg rasa...lamanya 2 minggu walopon excited sbb dpt spend time ngan yg lelain.considered d course as a vacation jer.mkn n tempat tido free!i guess my over excitement made the time flies.bila agaknya dpt jumpa lg??

n..ader sikit regret sbb dpt jumpa ceno kejap jer on her big day.she does look great despite her skinny phsyic.haha...

now...cant wait to spend precious time with my husband as he is going back to penang next year.huhu

Monday, November 09, 2009

check up

went for my second cek up today...n got back wondering how time flies coz the nurse said dat im now in my 16 week.wah...dats equal to 4 monts kan.rupanya...salh kira daaa.haha.. in my 14 weeks i guess.i lost count..n confuse la skit.

the usual routine is...urine test, weighing(the hardest part), n some measuring on how big is he baby ke ekh..xto la tp nurse kater dier kira saiz rahim.

i gained 2 kgs in a mont n dats bad..huhu.i donno what to do sbb rasanya mkn cam biasa.rasanya la kan...mybe becoz i ate only when im hungry. i donno...hard to explain it with of once a month, i have to come for cek up once every two weeks.just to watch out for the weight gain n incase kalo ader darah tinggi n kencing manis.
other than the weighing...arini dah bleh ukur saiz menyorok.hehe..the nurse said she could feel it but donno where it actually is now 16cm...

im all excited about being pregnant but sometimes i just feel sorry for the baby.first.bcoz of my body is aching now, muscles cramp, swollen feet padahal baru 3 monts.the nurse said i shud take a lot of rest tp rasanya sampai dah tahap nak jalan pon sakit.xkan nak duduk jer is a possibility ada kencing moanis or darah tinggi.n nurse ckp perut xkeras.lembik jer...huhu.although...cramp tu mcm biasa but not sakit pinggul n all.

Ya Allah...beri kesihatan dan kekuatan pada bayi saya.

Friday, November 06, 2009

my fault?!

a year 4 pupils came to see me - actually she was waiting for at the school entrance to tell me that her mother did some calculation on her english paper n found out dat she deserve another 2 marks.huh....

tgk cara mak dier kira :

30(p1)/40 X 60% (yang aku wonder dr mana dier dpt) n d sum was added to 23(p2) = 68

n cara aku kira :
since both paper 1 n 2 bertotal 40 markah, jd

30(p1) +23(p2) / 80 X 100% = 66.26

u tell me...mana satu yg betul?

wahai puan, mungkin puan kecewa sbb markah anak puan tidak menepati sasaran tp kalo jawapan tidak menepati schema saya...maka xlayakla dier nak dpt A kali ini berbanding tahun2 sblmnyer.mungkin dier perlu menerima kenyataan n mula buat lebih practice dalam menzahirkan ayat2 yang lebih baik.maaf yer....