Saturday, August 29, 2009

attendance is compulsary

are u familiar with the title?yesterday...i receive a msg from the school's PAR day says :

Cikgu..ini arahan dari PPD, diwajibkan hadir bagi Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan pada 31 Ogos 2009.Jam 7.30 pagi di Dataran Segamat.Wajib tandatangan borang keadiran pada GB disana.Pakaian dalah batik. DIWAJIBKAN HADIR....terima kasih -ibrahim(nama sebenar) - skkt-

n my reaction?blughhhhhhh
i have set my holidays to end on Monday afternoon.not Sunday afternoon!
dengan short notice dr PPD ni...has made me feel like there is no tomorrow foe me.bleh?
i told my husband n he said dis

cakapla awak kat Penang.

bleh eh?
biha suggested d same n dis morning i spread d new dat im currently in Penang still don have d guts to call my tense is raising now becoz i haven't really made d decision or have I?sbb aku mmg betul2 xnak pg ni...huhu

Monday, August 17, 2009

aku susah hati@perakuan bersyarat

i took a day off today...i TOOK ok.

i had a stressful week gara2 gastrik yg bermula kamis lalu.coz im used to gastrik, i tried to ignore it and rearrange my eating schedule back in order.but...since i had been shot by a freking bad news yesterday, i dediced to pampered the pain.aku malas nak buat kejer sekolah n decided to just sleep early so dat i can get up early to finish work.

kerana stress...bukan kerana gastrik, i decided not to go to work at 4 am today.
aku stress sbb aku xsiap lesson plan for about three days punya.
aku stress sbb keputusan temuduga ku adalah perakuan bersyarat.thanks to GB( aku ttp nak salahkan dier kerana xtulis nama n ic number pas dier sain borang sulit aku).
im used to all dis tp bygkan all d hard work i had to go just to get perakuan bersyarat...bygkan jgala all d hard work aku kena lalui lepas ni just tuk dpt status guru ni.haih...i paid rm5 untuk pos bdafta okeh.mustahil surat tu xsampai...


i just hope suma benda perlantikan jawatan ni abih cepat.PENAT!!!n it is more tiring bila xder oang paham betapa susahnyer hati kita bila dpt perakuan bersyarat ni...(i have been told about perlantikan bersyarat ni by the officer on duty masa temuduga)

Monday, August 10, 2009


today..i went to school with no lesson plan.haha... not writing about dat.

my GB called d school dis morning to cancel d assembly becoz of d serious haze n called up an urgent meeting at the staff room regarding the latest death of a H1N1 victim.she was from kg bukit lintang sgmt...which is less than 4 minute drive from our school n some of her relatives is studying in our school.

so...precaution is made to make sure dat the relatives n neighbours were in gud condition dat is no flu what so ever.n so far, 3 pupils was sent back home sbb pernah melawat arwah, sepupu arwah n demam yg agak panas n im not sure about another pupil.because of dis...mask were sold out at our school n pharmacies around town..i donno if d kids bought it just for d fun of it or out of awareness la kan.u noe kids....

n during the short meeting...our rombongan to genting coming ovember is cancelled!haih...but, for a good reason rite.still...too bad.also, a teacher took d opportunity to distribute doa menhalang dari djangkiti wabak...insaf.

my conclusion - dunia dah nak kiamat, sedang kiter betumpu pada H1N1, kita (maybe most of us) is unaware of d haze.most of us is still going through daily routines like there is nothing to worry about.marilah kia sama2 bersoat hajat...berdoa agar wabak ini akan terkawal secepatnya.n today, i couldnt help but to think about how life is without my love suma effect dr melihat kejadian kemalangan secara berturut2 dalam masa 15min dan more berita kematian of d maut d tangan ALLAH kan.lets just hope kita akan diberi peluang oleh ALLAH untuk menikmati kesudahan yg baik d dunia n akhirat.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

not friday d 13th aite?

in 24 hours of ur cud have a mixture of feelings rite?

yesterday...i woken up feeling a lil fresh then d day before since my high fever has kebah a bit, plus some running nose n coughing but still excited to go to kursus pemantapan a lil singing in d car, i drove to SMKA.

after 4 hours of interesting, i may call it, talks n lectures - i drove back home thinking of leaving early to muar.with some haze n hujan renyai2....i saw 3 cars bang into each others it?but there was nothing serious except the traffic n of course the haze.

i reach home...took my pills n doze off for about one hour before started my 1 hour 30 min s drive to muar.since i left early, i tot of seeing zai for a lil chit chat.dis is where d horror part begun....

on my way back to muar....from zai's place, i have another at least 30 min was almost 7.00pm.baba has a taboo of driving during maghrib n i was like so carefull when suddenly from 100 i have to slow down to 40.i was wondering on what happenned in front when i saw a man covered in blood sedang menggelitik.there was no other words can descrbe it best than menggelitik...a few men were trying to help n can't get the image out of called zai n tell her what i saw.

just after i hang up d fon, vehicles from d opposite side of d road started blinking their i tot...ha, road block pulak dah.n i was actually driving dgn sgt tenang coz...d image earlier is still haunting.there was traffic again...same as earlier.people started honking when they didnt saw any presence of police anywhere.rupanya...another accident.a MYv was crashed...habis bahagian depan, with a matix in same condition.blood is again all over the road..

n my 24 isn't over yet.huhu...

neway....we(husband n i) watched dis last nite.

brendan fraser best!haha

still xdpt tgk

Thursday, August 06, 2009

sugar rush!

penah x korang rasa nak lupakan masa lalu tp xdpt sbb dat past keep coming back to u?haih...walopon im happy rite now tp bila teringatkan masa lalu itu...sayer masih rasa bodoh!kalo nak lari, pls don look back.

neway...mak n baba are now back from actually dah rasa best being alone especially with the high fever.i rather be alone when im sick.waking up dis morning feelinf dizzy n noxious all d way to school...walopon muka masih merah kerana panas badan, i still manage to teach.all my class was held in d library today coz i can't project my voice like usual and im glad d kids understand n cooperate.all seven hours went well today!

n mak brought back a gud news...and dat news is they'll be celebrating raya in perak di year!n im in nibong tebal which is not 5 hours away nemore.alhamdulillah....

Saturday, August 01, 2009

setem n traffic emergency

we (my hubby n i) went for a movie...SETEM last saturday

citernyer...BEST GILE!xperasan pon 2 hours has passed while watching.go n see it guys....berbaloi-baloi!hehe

we went to watched the movie at alamanda becoz of d rumours dat a march will be held today by the anti and pro ISA.malangnyer...masa balik tuh, jln suma jam sbb polis tutup .memula tu...i was cool with it coz im not d one driving.hehe...yg xbestnya, i suddenly felt nak terkencing giler2.n becoz of glad i had my husband beside me.he looked for ways to get out of d traffic just to look for a petrol station.mestila xder kan....can u imagine?i really need to go n i had to wait for an hour.hahah....n akhirnya, my husband stopped d car in d middle of d town(ku xingat d mana) n asked a grocery store kot2 dier ader toilet.nasib baik ader....