Saturday, August 08, 2009

not friday d 13th aite?

in 24 hours of ur cud have a mixture of feelings rite?

yesterday...i woken up feeling a lil fresh then d day before since my high fever has kebah a bit, plus some running nose n coughing but still excited to go to kursus pemantapan a lil singing in d car, i drove to SMKA.

after 4 hours of interesting, i may call it, talks n lectures - i drove back home thinking of leaving early to muar.with some haze n hujan renyai2....i saw 3 cars bang into each others it?but there was nothing serious except the traffic n of course the haze.

i reach home...took my pills n doze off for about one hour before started my 1 hour 30 min s drive to muar.since i left early, i tot of seeing zai for a lil chit chat.dis is where d horror part begun....

on my way back to muar....from zai's place, i have another at least 30 min was almost 7.00pm.baba has a taboo of driving during maghrib n i was like so carefull when suddenly from 100 i have to slow down to 40.i was wondering on what happenned in front when i saw a man covered in blood sedang menggelitik.there was no other words can descrbe it best than menggelitik...a few men were trying to help n can't get the image out of called zai n tell her what i saw.

just after i hang up d fon, vehicles from d opposite side of d road started blinking their i tot...ha, road block pulak dah.n i was actually driving dgn sgt tenang coz...d image earlier is still haunting.there was traffic again...same as earlier.people started honking when they didnt saw any presence of police anywhere.rupanya...another accident.a MYv was crashed...habis bahagian depan, with a matix in same condition.blood is again all over the road..

n my 24 isn't over yet.huhu...

neway....we(husband n i) watched dis last nite.

brendan fraser best!haha

still xdpt tgk


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