Saturday, December 27, 2008


baba bought 7210 SUPERNOVA..huhu

and my leg hurts.but im filling healty.sgt2!juga happy...sgt2!

Friday, December 26, 2008

no sweat

i got a situation.

its been a week so im a little worry.maybe its nothing but im still worry.
i usually sweat a lot...walopon cuma naik tangga, atau dok dlm bilik yg tidak berkipas for 3 minutes.last wed and today when i went for a morning walk.i walk for about and hour n i did not sweat.panas tp xberpeluh...

balik umah...i did house chores for 2 hours, no sweat.

aghhh!its killing me

Thursday, December 25, 2008

holiday countdown

ah...thursday is almost over.
esok jumaat
kemudian sabtu n ahad (i MUST watch hana kimi!)
n here comes monday...meeting.

IM SO NOT READY!walopon dah beli stationary baru arinih.
aesha...saye dah beli cop yg kawai tuh.hehe...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


today...i face d same problem as so bad at critical thinking and making decision.i always end up crying before making a decision dat i sometime regret in the end.

eg: 8.8.08 - on dis particular date my one n only bro is getting married and so does my best gave me a day off n i decided to go to anne's.i went ewan's nikah ceremony as i tot dats is the most touching moment rite?letting ur bro go.d next morning, everybody was asking me questions.y did i took a day off t go for a frens weding instead of my one and only bro?i started to feel guilty and berbelah bahagi bcoz i really wanna go to anne's wedding.after some time and some kata2 yg xsedap d dengar oleh some of my family member, i cried n decided to go to my bro's wedding.i hate dat.( i cried bcoz i have make a decision but easily back off because of others n i already prepared myself for d decision i made)

so...back to today's contemplating session.
we (me, my bro n wife n ema) went to tint our windows.decision has been made on sunday nite and i have counted my budget.bcoz, ewan said dat d least i shud spare is 250.ok...decision is gonna look cool!i was excited when wednesday come.dat is dis morning...
my bro call from the workshop dat i can get a gud tinted film with the least 250.ok...prepared.
when i reach d workshop, kak sue was watching her car done by the workers and all 6 windows cost her 450.this is where it begin...

i started to feel berbelah bahagi sbb 450 tuh!i cud buy a new hp n hantaran some more.i sit..take a deep breath n look at kak sue's car. dier baru amik semalam.hehe...
ewan was sudgesting dis n dat.i almost cry n baba keep asking to send him home.jd...sayer masuk keta n start d car.almost forfeit!im so 24 and im a teacher n i still have problems making decision for myself.aman is rite..sayer blom cukup matang.

so...did i do it?yes...with 350 for 6 windows.i choose a lighter colour.poor orange.sorry dear...but it looks good on u.n 4 of us tinted our cars.bengkel sibuk ari ni kerana kami.3 myvs n 1 viva.ema treated us with walls ice cream before going back.tauke geleng kepala sambil kata "wah..skang suma pon mkn ais krim"..hehe.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tag bt aesha and zack..

1) do you think you're hot?

not at all!!

2) upload your favourite picture of you

3) what do you like that picture
its a picture of us
4) when was the last time u ate pizza?
ah..i remember dis was on 25 november.a treat to d family on my first salary day
5) the last song u listened to? bug.jonas brothers
6)what are u doing right now besides this?
watching tv
7)what name would u prefer besides yours?
more feminin izan i guess.hehe....but i like my name.seriously...
ppl i tag :
no tag sbb i bet all my friend in d list has been tag.


i just don understand y some people never learn from their mistake?
y do they bother to seek advise while they know how things will turn out?
or they never n just go against d world just to prove they r rite while they r obviously wrong?!

ps : do not let someone into ur life out of choices.

cuti is almost over

yes...cuti is almost over.dis is my last week to bersenang lenang sampai nak muntah di rumah.
last weekend went to kl with aman to see his mother.on our way...saw mawi and ekin nikah ceremony was live on tv, so i decided to listen to it on d radio.sempat la mendengar khutbah nikahnyer.made me nervous..hehe.

and im glad i have aman's mother as my future mother in far la kan...she bought me a gelang.yay..i know u were so jeles of me aman.sorry..ur mother loves me more than you.hehe.we also went to tempah baju melayu for aman.the already-made-sample baju melayu was so cantik.ader sulam yg sgt kemas dekat leher,kocek baju and lengan.aman yg xsuka pd benda remeh can2 pon tpikat kan?i manage to persue him to add the sulam things on his baju melayu.can't wait to see the result.

dats d end of our visit to jalan tar and masjid india.aman was to go back immidiately and im heading to serdang to anne's was worried to leave me and so he tag along to make sure i arrive safely at anne's house.thanx dear...if he wasn't there, i donno what wud happen.i got lost a few times, it was almost dark and my first time driving in kl.poor aman coz he has to take a taxi to go to biasa kan?xkisah kan?hehe...

today, orange dpt adik.hehe...2 lg.

p/s: caner duit bleh abih dgn cepat without us realizing it?!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


arini rasa cam nak pitam..haih.
2 dugaan bila nak dpt sesuatu..when i badly want something, it will alway turn the other way around.ALLAH sedang menduga ALLAH juga sudah membuka jalan bg matter how hard it is...i refuse give up.but need to try really hard not to give up.huhu

few of neigbours been asking about tuition class.
what do u think?
how much shud i charge?
what shud i teach and how?

tp leh buat extra money skit kan.i really need it...there's a lot of things to buy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a week with orange

im home at last...dr selatan ke utara.sian orange....

sesampai di putrajaya...i went to alamanda and sight seeing around putrajaya on wednesday nite.sgt sis and cousin took d opportunity 2 look for part time was i who persuade them actually.i saw d advertiement at mcd..and they started to look for it at every pit stop.hehe...ingat lg masa keje kedai potostat ngan uncle.thanx uncle..sbb keje part time 2, dpt beli hp sendr.3310 was 4rat at dat time.arwah dah 3310 tuh.

the next day...brought my cousins to watch movies.i wanted to watch twilight but i have 2 under age with decided to watch cicakman 2..not bad.we adults decided to came back for twilight pas anta d twins home.hehe...asik kuar masuk parking jer cik orange eh.twilight SGT BEST!d hero sgt ensem...sgt cute..romantik..protective..bla..bla.sian kak long xdpt tgk..xper.leh tgk en.alyas lain kali eh.

on friday...bgerak ke perak plak.penat jugak sbnanyer.dok dlm keta jer kan.baba won't let me drive plak tuh.sampai umah mak long dah kol 12.a lil bit of catching up, drag us to 2 am.and we had walimatul urus to attend on xkisahla kan.baba missed his family too kan.d host was baba's cousin...d family he grew up in.rasa sgt asing sbb suma muka hindustan.cantik n hensem.hehe...they have 2 separate khemah for men and women.hanya lagu nasyid yg dpasang.sgt islamic...owh...photographer belah laki sgt adorable.bukan ensem eh...adorable.

back to putrajaya on alamanda lg.baba nak buat jamuan.ops...lupa sis dpt keje di a&, she'll be staying there insyaALLAH for the next 7 dis time..emosi sy xstabil.haih...mmg xleh dok umah oang sampai lebih dr 3 ari.HOMESICK!i miss my bed...bathroom and toilet, lagu washing machine, d stairs, d tv etc.

now...i love the scent of my room.a bit messy tp xkisahla feels good to be home.n i can't wait for sat to come.dah sbln xjumpa aman.we'll be going to KL.AGAIN!im enjoying every seconds of my hols.a bit worry though...i can't remember how to work nemore.teruk kan?!

hazim and hazirah

Monday, December 08, 2008

my raya haji

meet ain today..she keeps talking about her pregnancy and i get to touch her tummy.
rasa cam....ntah.xleh define perasaan masa pegang perut tu.listening to all her story on her pregnancy, its four months now...wa!sayer sgt takut to get pregnant.bukanla sampai xnak anak eh..just kesusahan dan kepayahan tuh makes me feels like giving up already.

mak kata i was born with my head was left inside for quite some time.sian mak...but i still can't stop hurting her.subhanallaj...if only i can tell her upfront about how sorry i am.

im bored...its raya n its raining.not heavily tp ujan renyai ni dah berlarutan selama 2 hari.baba is worried to leave the house bcoz dier takut banjir.dis rain is making me hungry tp xleh mkn bbyk so i really feel like eating stg sweet n tasty but i just donno what it is.arrrggggghhhhhhhh!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


it was a really bad day for me.xtau naper tp arini seems like i easily lose my temper.i quarell(salah ke eja)?? and yell at everybody.except baba..emmm

mak cried again.haih...
i yell at my sis coz she kept taking my belonging without my permission.

aman said maybe im not matured enuf.yer..word of d day, xmatang.

can someone tell me what mature actually is?
does it mean dat we r capable in making d right decision?
does it meant that we are ble to control our anger?


Friday, December 05, 2008

more blessing

ah...i just got one gud news.again..thank you Allah
d case has been discharge becoz d father failed to be present for hearing session.


its been a while since my last post..
i have so many things to say and i dont know where to start
or maybe i cud start by saying alhamdulillah for all HIS blessings and may it continues for d rest of my life.

1. gaji dah masuk n i have already save half of it for may 2009
2. beli almai baju sbb baba kata xperlu peti ais
3. orange is here...but i have no frens to wander around with me

ah...point to can one minute we love someone and suddenly hates him so much?!