Monday, December 08, 2008

my raya haji

meet ain today..she keeps talking about her pregnancy and i get to touch her tummy.
rasa cam....ntah.xleh define perasaan masa pegang perut tu.listening to all her story on her pregnancy, its four months now...wa!sayer sgt takut to get pregnant.bukanla sampai xnak anak eh..just kesusahan dan kepayahan tuh makes me feels like giving up already.

mak kata i was born with my head was left inside for quite some time.sian mak...but i still can't stop hurting her.subhanallaj...if only i can tell her upfront about how sorry i am.

im bored...its raya n its raining.not heavily tp ujan renyai ni dah berlarutan selama 2 hari.baba is worried to leave the house bcoz dier takut banjir.dis rain is making me hungry tp xleh mkn bbyk so i really feel like eating stg sweet n tasty but i just donno what it is.arrrggggghhhhhhhh!


lola-loath said...

nak lagu friday nite by lily allen! hanto kat email aku...:D

ezarn said...

apa ekh email ko?