Wednesday, December 24, 2008


today...i face d same problem as so bad at critical thinking and making decision.i always end up crying before making a decision dat i sometime regret in the end.

eg: 8.8.08 - on dis particular date my one n only bro is getting married and so does my best gave me a day off n i decided to go to anne's.i went ewan's nikah ceremony as i tot dats is the most touching moment rite?letting ur bro go.d next morning, everybody was asking me questions.y did i took a day off t go for a frens weding instead of my one and only bro?i started to feel guilty and berbelah bahagi bcoz i really wanna go to anne's wedding.after some time and some kata2 yg xsedap d dengar oleh some of my family member, i cried n decided to go to my bro's wedding.i hate dat.( i cried bcoz i have make a decision but easily back off because of others n i already prepared myself for d decision i made)

so...back to today's contemplating session.
we (me, my bro n wife n ema) went to tint our windows.decision has been made on sunday nite and i have counted my budget.bcoz, ewan said dat d least i shud spare is 250.ok...decision is gonna look cool!i was excited when wednesday come.dat is dis morning...
my bro call from the workshop dat i can get a gud tinted film with the least 250.ok...prepared.
when i reach d workshop, kak sue was watching her car done by the workers and all 6 windows cost her 450.this is where it begin...

i started to feel berbelah bahagi sbb 450 tuh!i cud buy a new hp n hantaran some more.i sit..take a deep breath n look at kak sue's car. dier baru amik semalam.hehe...
ewan was sudgesting dis n dat.i almost cry n baba keep asking to send him home.jd...sayer masuk keta n start d car.almost forfeit!im so 24 and im a teacher n i still have problems making decision for myself.aman is rite..sayer blom cukup matang.

so...did i do it?yes...with 350 for 6 windows.i choose a lighter colour.poor orange.sorry dear...but it looks good on u.n 4 of us tinted our cars.bengkel sibuk ari ni kerana kami.3 myvs n 1 viva.ema treated us with walls ice cream before going back.tauke geleng kepala sambil kata "wah..skang suma pon mkn ais krim"..hehe.

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