Sunday, December 07, 2008


it was a really bad day for me.xtau naper tp arini seems like i easily lose my temper.i quarell(salah ke eja)?? and yell at everybody.except baba..emmm

mak cried again.haih...
i yell at my sis coz she kept taking my belonging without my permission.

aman said maybe im not matured enuf.yer..word of d day, xmatang.

can someone tell me what mature actually is?
does it mean dat we r capable in making d right decision?
does it meant that we are ble to control our anger?


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lola-loath said...

matang? huh. aku xtaw.
aku blom matang. dan reen maki aku.."muke dh separuh abad, tp ko kate ko xmatang lagi?"
so u tell me.