Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a week with orange

im home at last...dr selatan ke utara.sian orange....

sesampai di putrajaya...i went to alamanda and sight seeing around putrajaya on wednesday nite.sgt indah...my sis and cousin took d opportunity 2 look for part time job.it was i who persuade them actually.i saw d advertiement at mcd..and they started to look for it at every pit stop.hehe...ingat lg masa keje kedai potostat ngan uncle.thanx uncle..sbb keje part time 2, dpt beli hp sendr.3310 was 4rat at dat time.arwah dah 3310 tuh.

the next day...brought my cousins to watch movies.i wanted to watch twilight but i have 2 under age with me.so decided to watch cicakman 2..not bad.we adults decided to came back for twilight pas anta d twins home.hehe...asik kuar masuk parking jer cik orange eh.twilight SGT BEST!d hero sgt ensem...sgt cute..romantik..protective..bla..bla.sian kak long xdpt tgk..xper.leh tgk en.alyas lain kali eh.

on friday...bgerak ke perak plak.penat jugak sbnanyer.dok dlm keta jer kan.baba won't let me drive plak tuh.sampai umah mak long dah kol 12.a lil bit of catching up, drag us to 2 am.and we had walimatul urus to attend on sat.penat..tp xkisahla kan.baba missed his family...my family too kan.d host was baba's cousin...d family he grew up in.rasa sgt asing sbb suma muka hindustan.cantik n hensem.hehe...they have 2 separate khemah for men and women.hanya lagu nasyid yg dpasang.sgt islamic...owh...photographer belah laki sgt adorable.bukan ensem eh...adorable.

back to putrajaya on sunday...ke alamanda lg.baba nak buat jamuan.ops...lupa lak.my sis dpt keje di a&w.alhamdulillah...so, she'll be staying there insyaALLAH for the next 7 monts.by dis time..emosi sy xstabil.haih...mmg xleh dok umah oang sampai lebih dr 3 ari.HOMESICK!i miss my bed...bathroom and toilet, lagu washing machine, d stairs, d tv etc.

now...i love the scent of my room.a bit messy tp xkisahla kan...it feels good to be home.n i can't wait for sat to come.dah sbln xjumpa aman.we'll be going to KL.AGAIN!im enjoying every seconds of my hols.a bit worry though...i can't remember how to work nemore.teruk kan?!

hazim and hazirah

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aEsHa aEsHly said...

i dont even remember how to teach tooo!!! *panic haha!