Tuesday, December 23, 2008

cuti is almost over

yes...cuti is almost over.dis is my last week to bersenang lenang sampai nak muntah di rumah.
last weekend went to kl with aman to see his mother.on our way...saw mawi and ekin nikah ceremony was live on tv, so i decided to listen to it on d radio.sempat la mendengar khutbah nikahnyer.made me nervous..hehe.

and im glad i have aman's mother as my future mother in law.so far la kan...she bought me a gelang.yay..i know u were so jeles of me aman.sorry..ur mother loves me more than you.hehe.we also went to tempah baju melayu for aman.the already-made-sample baju melayu was so cantik.ader sulam yg sgt kemas dekat leher,kocek baju and lengan.aman yg xsuka pd benda remeh can2 pon tpikat kan?i manage to persue him to add the sulam things on his baju melayu.can't wait to see the result.

dats d end of our visit to jalan tar and masjid india.aman was to go back immidiately and im heading to serdang to anne's house.tp..he was worried to leave me and so he tag along to make sure i arrive safely at anne's house.thanx dear...if he wasn't there, i donno what wud happen.i got lost a few times, it was almost dark and my first time driving in kl.poor aman coz he has to take a taxi to go to pudu.tp...dah biasa kan?xkisah kan?hehe...

today, orange dpt adik.hehe...2 lg.

p/s: caner duit bleh abih dgn cepat without us realizing it?!

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