Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i am on mc today due to the infection and swollen feet.
alhamdulillah...the blood test went well, everything is normal.i don have diabetis and my calorie level is also ok.
again, alhamdullillah...walopon gemuk la kan.

so, i decided to finish all the unfinish bussiness.after the blood test (uh!i fell in front of the clinic sbb sebelah kaki termasuk dlm lubang kecil.it hurts and rasa diri tersangat lah malang), i went to the bank to pay the car instalment.about the car - many people has been asking me why did i bought se, why not just take the regular myV.why not?as if u r going to pay for it!xperla kan...
anyway..back to my unfinish bussiness.after the bank, i went to SAJ to pick up my rings (i sent it for repair).masa dekat SAJ tu, everyone was
"EH, ni anak kak esah yg dekat opis lam akita tu eh?"rasa cam popular giler.
The SAJ staff moved from the old office when i was in standard six.sbb 2 they all cam.wah!dah besar.kalo jumpa kat luar mesti xkenal.dah kejer?dok mana?dah kawin?n so on...hehe.sbnanyer mak yg glamer.ku tumpang glamer jer.

balik umah, wat lesson plans for today n tomorroe.since i have tuisyen class till ten, i need to finish half of it by day.my SBT class will start tomorrow.need to plan what to teach n decided to preapre the same things dat i prepare for my year 4 n 5 pupils at home.

ptg, pg bola jaring.

n i just finished my tuisyen class.
now settling some work for my Ko-Kurikulum schedule n sorts.
there goes my mc.i can hardly walk...but still AS BUSY AS A BEE.kalo x, camner nak bayo duit keta?camner nak bg mak ayah makan?camner nak baya duit tenet?api air segala?huh?
so...alhamdulillah. i still have a job.

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