Friday, February 06, 2009


tomorrow my girls will be in war...
they can play la kan walopon baru menceburi bidang bola jaring ni selama 2 minggu.
i really miss playing netball.i used to be a good GS in school.unfortunately due to my heavy weight n some probs with my knee...i am forced to leave netball behind.sad...

tp i can still cheer for the girls cumanya im going there as pengurus far during practice...i used my voice all out to make sure they did d right thing.they love to jump but they donno how to land.they scream n shout for ball but easily lose it to another team.chaiyok girl!

lately im struggling and fighting with myself.
part of me just wanna sleep and forget about everything tp amanah has made me stronger.i have kids at school waiting for me everyday.poor amirul haqeem...sorry eh,teacher never hates you but for now i just couldn't bare looking at makes mad.completely mad as in angray that cud get me crazy.
im trying hard to work on my discipline but so far, i've fail.hope it is still not to late for me.
i believe i can do it tp with all the stress n kesibukan, i keep looking for food as my aspirin.ALLAH...HELP ME!im in massive hurts so much dat i feel like stabing myself with a pen.

p/s ;nampak azri ezrai ptg td. tersenyum jer dia.hilang duka lara...haih

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