Saturday, January 17, 2009

what happen?!

yesterday...i cried in front of year 1 pupils.i just lost it..i really felt relieve and thankful when d school said my case has been discharge.unfortunately, d father still nak tuntut his so-called hak.i was nervous and terrified bcoz dis time people from jpn came down with pihak ketiga from melaka.its starting to get worried..and alhamdulillah all teachers are with me,supporting me all d way.

i was already in an emotional state bcoz of my bad way of teaching.i can't create various teaching aids othe rthan word card, and writing passage and story on board.all pupils has been dissapointing.yes..i know it required a lot of courage to teach pupils who doesnt know how to write and those who turn deaf when they heard English.but im starting to feel like i have failed as a teacher whenever pupils fail to do what i ask them to.kdg2 tuh suh salin je pon!itu pon dier tanya..teacher, nak salin caner ekh?ngan muka naive..arrghhh!

went to visit zye dis afternoon...she looked terrible bad but she was physically ok.alhamdulillah.hopefully she will fuly recovered and get her face as it was before.

dis week i learnt dat everything happens for a reason.ader sbb knaper i have to be homerun teacher for year 1.kelas budak xkenal huruf n xpandai baca plak tuh.
i need to learn to be more patient and more badly.
i need to learn to be more motherly, not sister like to my pupils.
i need to be more coutious.
i need to be more systematic.
i need to be more sensitive

sayer xtau buat teaching aids and how to make my class interesting.sgt preasure....
tp.sayer mula menghargai diri.bukan senang nak lalui kehidupan sbg oang gemuk...i need to lose weight badly but everytime im giving all i have to it, its just swallowing me deeply into it.thanx dear aman for making me believe dat u have accept me as i am but i really need to do pain no gain aite?tiap kesakitan tu ALLAH akan pasangkan dengan keberkatan.insyaALLAH.
.NEED TO MAKE A MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT - where is my strength!!!!

everyday, we tend to blame others for what happen and forget what we did dat makes us deserve such ujian dr ALLAH.we need to learn to accept our own mistakes, correct it and pray dat ALLAH accept our deeds to ensure a better life ahead.kiamat dah makin hampir...dengan mendekatkan diri pada Allah je la yang dpt selamatkan kita, dunia dan akhirat.semoga kita semua peroleh keberkatan dan perlindungan d ALLAH dr terus melakukan kesilapan dalam hidup yag akhirnya memudaratkan.doakan juga kebebasan palestin...


lola-loath said...

eh izan..wut happened to zye?aku xtaw pape ni...tell me.tell me pls.
p/s:ko tlah di-tag di page aku.sile jenguk ye.

ezarn said...

dier eksiden...dijahit dmuka sebyk 20 jahitan.pretty bad jugak...