Thursday, January 29, 2009

im sleepy

i couldnt sleep last night...bcoz im alone at home and my paranoia just get into me.i switch on d tv until morning and sleep at about 4.i promise kak binah to go to school and i promise myself to redecorade my woke up at 930, rushed for my bath and spend less then an hour at school.

why?when i reached school, i was still hanging in d that the right phrase?senang sgt mengantuk.sedang menguruskan borang claim, d GB shared more news about budak dagu.remember i talked about d father asking d school to write an apology letter to him and spread d news to all school in segamat?well, dis cae is not new to the JPN but now it got the diector's need to prepare myself for d worst.

im confused.i donno which one to believe.they look like they support me but they also implying dat im in this alone!naper oang melayu suka amik jalan mudah?felcra fired u from work,u sue them.ur son fell in class while playing with their frens n u blame me.sue the u know dat ur son could fall walopon while walking with u?!who r u gonna blame then?ah...yeah, blame d stupid stone...never u.

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