Wednesday, January 28, 2009

no idea

suka nak start my blog with its been a while...hehe

well, nothing new happen in life.all is mono and sooo routine.
i promise my gpk koku to come and visit...visit eh.bkn couching - the school netball team practicing during dis cny holiday.but i couldnt tell myself to be get up and just drive to school.tersangatla malasnya...

its thursday tomorrow n i did nothing during my precious holiday - our school had to do last minute rayuan sbb gb rasa cuti ini tidak dperlukan sebenarnya! mak, baba n ema has just left to putrajaya because bazilah had a gastrik all alone at home because i got tuisyen class tomorrow.i cancelled today's session because poksu n atuk is here to discuss about d wedding.

d big prob is budgeting.they asking me to sponsor tshirt for d guys n baju kurung for the ladies.ok...tshirt boleh la kan.n aku cuma mampu sponsor 10 hengget tuk setiap baju kurung yg setiap kali buat headcount akan bertambah seorg.jumlah terkini adalah 12 org..tidak termasuk my little cousins.mmg aku perlu bekerja keras~!sumanya dah sgt lari dr plan wed is supposed to be simple.i know aman dah sdkit penine kepala whenever i mention d new suggestion from d sekali seumur hidup kan.lets make it worth it people!

uh..and i miss my frens!alhamdulillah i got d chance to hang out with them during the festive hols.ain and ayu is expecting...can't wait.

n anne...d song is stay by estrella.

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Anne said...

send me the song plezz...malasla nak cari....