Saturday, February 12, 2011

cny break part 2

ok...i never really did the entry in part 1.
so here goes

jumaat 28 jan 2011
departed from nibong tebal at 4pm and reached segamat at around 100am.
feelings?overwhelmed n excited.

sabtu 29 jan 2011
it was raining.maybe started the night before but me n sister planned to go to townwandering around.but i wonder why we have to wait until 5pm to do so n only manage to go to nirwana( i insisted).the early draft was to pay jackel a visit...but since it was still raining n late, and i must get some things for adam...we ended up in nirwana.

ahad 30 jan 2011
had a sleepless nite coz adam is whining al nite.he had a temperature n i guess some fever.baba went to BP to pick up bazilah from d uni n we took adam to see d doc for at least some medication.noted that it was still raining non stop from d day before n it was a heavy rain.

a lady at the clinic told us dat flood had started at some places n kg in paya pulai.

we kind of rush but melengah in a way.sempat menyinggah rumah mak ngah n had brunch.
ema sent us home and took her car to town(to safe it from the flood)
me n nani at home were suppose to pack up our things.i guess we failed when there were a baby n a toddler around.dpt kemas ckt2 sempat duduk2.

baba balik n told me dat orange kena langgar dr blkg..ouch!
kemek tp xteruk.n im worried about adam n the i have to safe orange n adam.
so we planned to go to atuk' masih blengah sbb sempat mkn,main cityville,tgk tv n mak cik tukang urut pon dtg.haha....

by dis time ati pon xsedap...dah dekat kol 6, it was still raining heavily n my instinct told me dat jambatan dah tenggelam.argghhhhh!!!why?naper kitaoang mcm xkisah jer?huhu...

bila kuar dr tmn at about 6pm, mcm tgh tgk laut di depan.jalan dah tutup...keta mcm xtentu arah xtau nak pg mana...sek dah pon penuh ngan oang yg dipndahkan.seriously...mcm dlm citer armageddon n sort...bencana dtg suma nak selamatkan dr.horror.....subhanallah!

bandar pon dah penuh air...jambatan pon tenggelam.

last option..kitaoang stayed at sgmt baru for 2 days 1 nite.

isnin 31 jan 2011
we stayed under roof for 24 hours as te rain still running heavily non shops or grocerioes were avalaible.adam demam...with heavy mukus.n by afternoon..i started to shivered.arghhh....jangkit lak.dengan kepala pusing tu...still kena jaga adam.huhu

mlm...adam started to menangis mcm xtentu hala.
slept at 2 n woke up at 5.
cried his heart out again.

at 6 am decided to took him to the hospital.


the rest of d holiday?
u guess


kemas umah n dok merap jer la.huhu

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