Friday, May 20, 2011

holly holiday

i like he character but im not gonna talk about her.hehe

n dengan writing yang tenggelam timbul ni...

school holidays are coming peeps!n next week is exam week in which teachers don have to teach when they come in to class.

n my heart is pounding hard thinking about holidays!
i miss home so dearly...
i have plans set up for 2 weeks holidays in segamat.n most of the time maybe going around town jer pon.haha

so...mak n baba are supposed to come this weekend but im not sure if they will arrive soon or later but hope they'll arrive safely n we can start the journey back to segamat also...safely.

now...not dat i force baba to come but my husband wil be working n no one can drive me back including myself coz i got my hands already full with adam.i had decided to go back by plane tp baba yg insist on driving us.

sementara baba masih sihat.

i love u baba!

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