Monday, July 11, 2011

more workload

last week...i went for a 3 days pedagogy course n the course contains of 3 phase.phase 1 which i had completed last week focus on listening and speakin, next week for reading n d first work of august = first week of fasting month is the third and last phase...which cover on writing. drive back and forth from jawi to kepala batas is already is a 45 minutes journey.and then, to sit down and involve in the another.whats more tiring is to prepare a lesson plan (i got to prepare for a listening class)...implement it in class and prepare a report.a 300 words reflection with evidence (worksheet, picture etc)

monday is coming to its end, and for all u know it...its already friday!ok...i might be a lil dramatic there, but seriously, time flies n i still haven't come out with a lesson plan at all!

when i come back to school...the PK plak reminded me about english panel report of activities for semester 1 period, exam analysis n headcount.well...headcount is not a problem coz we(me and my fellow english teachers) just need to fill in the marks.but the post-mortem is hidious.argghhhh!


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