Sunday, July 22, 2012

3 ramadhan

im homesick.

although ramadhan is the month of ibadah, kekeluargaan pon salah satu elemen penting bulan remadhan.a happy family sits together during iftar n sahur, performing solat together.

its the third nite of ramadhan n im homesick.more than any other day because husband is on his night shift for the 3rd nite n for the next 2 days(hopefully) alone at home.nasib baik blom dapat puasa so xder la terasa sgt kalo kena sahur n bebuka sorang2 ttp sedih la sbb kemeriahan tu ttp xder.his night shift starts at 630 so kena btolak jam 5 dr rumah to avoid jam n he will reached home the next day at 9.T_T....

teringat suasana berbuka kat used to the noise n the silence in the house sometimes drive me nuts.bila senyap, rasa sunyi gila tp bila anak2 decide nak make some noise, they really go all out.hehe...

for now...just pray for kemudahan untuk suami supaya dia xperlu bekerja shift smapai 12jam lg in future..if dis is hard for me, it must be hard for him to.

n pray dat i'll get through dis with minimal to zero complaint.huhu

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