Monday, December 13, 2010

nibong tebal

nibong tebal is my current location.

just arrived for about an hour ago n im mising home rite now.

anyhoe...i shud be prepared.
husband agree dat we shud live on our hunting will be done soon.
im a little concerned about babysitter jer skang ni.

emosi?like i said....homesick.sapanjang perjalanan rasa sayu...sebak tp zai ingatkan saya dat dis is what i be together with dear hubby.we neva have d opporunity to stay together grow up n get mature in husband n wife thing...i brought my favourite kain batik from home n they are moms.n im now wearing my favourite pink shirt just to set the i'll - be - ok mood.

rasa cam newly weds pon ada..haha.especially bila MIL type dis to his(hubby's) inbox

tahniah selamat membina rumahtangga ke mmg sgt cute msgnya.thanx mummy...

dis is my hijrah n may Allah put everything at ease.amin....
p/s - i didn't say good bye to anybody.this is a new beginning

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