Sunday, May 13, 2012

cranky ain

haih...mind u.i have to start this entry with a sigh coz from 5 dis afternoon until this moment ain is still 'resah - xtentu-hala'
how eh?

im handling my newborn like i never have the experience.i feel like crying all the time n i lose my temper easily.n if i do...i tend to ignore her crying n shut down for a few sec.i noe its bad.i sound like an unfit mother but...ok there is no but coz yeah, baby cries.adam does not1i mean...he cried but not a lot like ain.adam was one calm baby.he woke up with a beautiful smile n he usually play on his own.

i know it unfair for me to differentiate both of proves that no baby is alike.n i don have the experience handling cranky baby.n i donno how to explain to the babysitter that going to look after her when i go to work which is in less than 4 weeks.she doesnt have a routine.she refuse to obey to any routine!books always tells u dat parents are the one who should set routine for their baby...but if they don want to follow routine?but wait...she has routine!cry dat is.huhu

mood : numb!


i promise myself - walau apa pon jd, ain xkan dberi dah bg.cumanya...she rejected it n cry louder sometimes.

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AnneRaini said...

ain nangis adlah normal tp ko akan tak normal sbb faktor sekeliling...calm yourself...foucs on your children and ignore the least until you think you can handle it.