Saturday, May 05, 2012

a mother of two!

im back in jawi.has been 2 weeks really n i can't believe how time flies.

it is not easy to take care n manage 2 babies alone.huhu...n since we got here, ain has turn into a cranky lil girl.she cries, sometimes for no reason (or i can't identified the reason).she barely sleeps during the day but she refuse to just lay on the mattress.unlike her bro..well, no baby is d same still figuring her.n maybe she does too.hehe..its ok.just make sure u grow up healthy mummy's precious!n dat include u Adam.

adam is still in denial.still asking 'who is dat baby?why is she on mummy's lap?dat's my spot!'
he cries when ain does.n cling on me whenever possible(when ain is asleep that is).so...he finds it hard to take his afternoon nap but luckily both throws their tantrums during d day n soundly asleep during the night.

so...i only manage to do house chores during the night or maybe early morning where things are more at ease sbb both of them wakes up a little late kan.i don like the tense..but im im typing this, there are two basket of laundry waiting to be fold n did u do it?!

n..i can't think about jalan2 or window shopping or even eating out.can't n won't put the blame on the babies.sementara nak tunggu ain adjust, apa salahnya ibu n abah spend more time together at home kan?maybe that way we can work on our communication skills.

muahxxxsss to my babies.ibu loves u so much!

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