Saturday, October 25, 2008

im sorry kids..

i have finish marking d exam papers for all classes...
i donno if what i did is wrong...dat is marking according to he scheme as all the teacher said dat only i can save my pupils from can i help them if they wrote nonsense on the paper?!its obvious...i2 pon aku kasik sau pada budah dajah satu yg salin semula clue words for note expension tuh.but...still not gud enuf.they don understand a word.have i failed?i don tink so...

but fotunately, year 3 pupils did beyond my expectation.half of the class manage to write good an meaningfull sentences.god job dear!

i hope my year 1 pupils will developed their interest in learning n i really hope dat i can be a better teacher too.after reading fauzan's post on how learning was supposed to be fun, i can help bu to i dat kind of teacher?a teacher who makes learning as fun as main ting ting or congkak or such....sigh!

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