Friday, October 24, 2008

pls dead cat...go away!

dis happen yesterday...i have no time to post it earlier.

started my daily routine as usual yesterday.we left the house at 645 to SK Kampong Tengah.i was at the back seat, deep in tots when baba suddenly slow down said...oppps, xsempat.i tot it was the traffic lite n suddenly i heard a sounded like a car hit a papan n it breked.i looked out of the window n saw a cat!tergulung mcm tenggiling n it looked painful!sgt sakit...sgt sgt sakit!yg lebih menyayat hati ialah kucing tu mcm can i say dis ekh?ttgh...menggelitik.sort of.dgn keadaan dier yg bergulung mcm tenggiling, i felt like crying n i almost cry of d tots dat maybe dia patah tulang belakang n went bergulung.argh!sakit!

n i could not let it out of me yesterday n today.n i guess d cat will stay for d week...sakitnyer!

dear sorry i could not safe u n i know baba tried.may you be in peace.

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