Friday, October 17, 2008


baba bought a bicycle 2 years ago.i brought it to UIA when i was there n never been used ever since.its kinda bored being at home just watching tv aite?i borrowed pam basikal from the neighbour and start pumping the tyre...fuuuhhh!sweating already.

took a cycle around the neighbourhood....i love the were playing, birds were flying.xtau nak define tp i had a great evening.sgt nyaman n aman.

mak was next door.visiting our is only about my neighbour.she was a teacher.its almost a year now- she was diagnosed with cancer early not sure what kind of cancer.last ramadhan....mak cooked for her - sometimes la.when she's craving for stg. yesterday, the doc told her dat kemoterapi is useless now.she had been to kemo for quite some time now n pakar at pantai had refer her case to the general hospital juat to hear dat time is up for her.there is nothing dat anybody can do...subhanallah.

im so thankful dat i can still feel the breeze of the air n listen to the birds chirpping on the air.
i hope dat we can all pray for her, to enlighten her burden, so dat she wont suffer dat much.


dis is a point to ponder...for anybody who read dis, bleh ke soklan note expension dkeluarkan untuk pelajar2 tahap satu?sila beri komen anda!


~ aRe^cHa ~ said...

huish..seyes sedih dengar. semoga dia tabah menghadapi dugaan daripada Allah ini.

DollyRose said...

note expansion is hard. but really, who cares now fo d kids kan. crazy!

ezarn said...

aku rasa note expension soklan dak banda yg guna english sekali sekala out of school.i doubt dak kg cam anak murid aku yg xtau sunday tu aper tuk jawab soklan dgn gamba seorg budak perempuan sedang menyapu!