Wednesday, October 08, 2008


its been dys since my last is monotanous nowadays.need more polyphonic tone.hehe...

last onday, i went to 1S...i ask the usual question.

me : ok class, what day is today?
pupils: monday!
me: can u spell monday for me?
pupils:M A N - MAN D A Y- DAY....MANDAY!
me: no,its monday - MONDAY!
amarul aiman:bukanla teacher kan manday, mestilah MAN bukan mon! to explain?au terus ignore dier n continue my lesson.hehe...

when for my frens open house - SHE'S PREGNANT!more anak buah coming.she's like a sister to me and im happy for her.congrats eh ain!mesti anak ko comel like u n husband.

we'r all back to work n there's only me n mak n baba at home.did i mention they has stop their business?yeah..n there's basically nothig that they can do at home.i don noe..maybe out of boredom n tense, mak keeps staring at me definition kind of look and commented everything that i do.i know...deep in her heart how she wish iam the black sheep.she keeps mentioning dat she was always woried about me going to kl rather than mak...i will never do something that will hurt u n baba.altough u barely called me when i was away...u guys are still close to my heart. i hate myself whenever we ended up quarelling over small matters because i pray hard everyday dat their sadness will go im contributing plak...haih.

looking forward for weekend!


aEsHa aEsHly said...

i want 2 see ur miut miuttttttttttt !!!

~ aRe^cHa ~ said...

ezarn my dear...same goes to me at home...quarelling...but we know deep in our heart that we love them aite. give it some times for love to be shown. huhuhu..