Thursday, November 13, 2008


last monday, a boy fell in class ad injured himslef.teacher on duty brought him to the clinic and he received 3 stitches for the minor injuri.when d father was told about the incident, he threatened the school dat he would make a police report and sue the school.

i was grinning and smiling at at school dat day because it was my 24th was supposed to be the most happiest day of my 2008.i celebrated my birthday with the teachers and my headmistress and also held a year end class gathering.little dat i noe dat it was the worst day of all.

the boy fell 5 minutes before my class i busy attending my class gathering, and other pupils were attending the hari anugerah rehersal. d father insist dat it was the teacher's fault - in this case it was MY fault.haih...why did he choose 10 n0vember - 845 am to pay tolak2 with his fren?

i was so shock as the bg said dat i shud be responsible when the father made the police report.teachers call and asked question, help me to create excuses and advice.thank you..
now, everywhere i go, d gpk will ask y am i not in class and i shud be in class monitoring the kids pdhal it is my free time.stress.dr police report n dr kesannya.ditekan dr setiap sudut.

im asking for ur support and doa..may everything stop just here.police said it was not dat serious and they have done their part.i really hope dat the father stop thinking about sueing the school and i can continue may day at school like any other days.


~ aRe^cHa ~ said...

OMG izan!!
tabahkan hati!
kuatkan iman!
kalo la aku ada kat sekolah tuh gak izan...mmg siap la dat kid's father...ingat kita nak anak2 mereka cedera...kita pun taknak rite...we take care of them like one of our own children (eventhough the fact that we are not married yet). we care about the children.
bole la nak main salah2 kan.. i really hate this type of parents.
sabaq bebanyak yer izan...aku doakan smoga smuanya akan setel dan hr yg lebih baik datang utk ko. amin!

ezarn said...

insyaALLAH.thanx for d support n doa