Saturday, November 01, 2008


being a homerun teacher for year3 class has made me helpless.exam week has over and now teachers are busy with marks.i've got all the marks for all subjects for my class.i was here and there chasing for marks, looking for other teacher for their class's marks and things were getting better or shud i put in 'better'. we need to collect nilam data from july until november.actually, the teacher has told me week before and i have already checked my pupils' entries.surprise...surprise!there were only 8-on the average- entries only.come to worst, dats is only for august and november.yes...the entries started on august.there were also some with no record at all!what am i to write?being smart...i adjusted the number to 2 entries each monts.huhu....

yes, dis week is all about numbers.i know closing the register is not that complicated.not to me class was separated on early, we have 2 register -obviously.whats complicated about this is, it was done 4 months before the school end and the number from thousand has decreased to hundreds.x logik kan!then the PAR bgtau kena tutup bulan 9.ignored august.ok....i took my calculator and start counting.well...the reason i did not pursued with account was numbers.too many to add.u need to make sure that the number in row one is telly with number in column one.which...i sould find because jumlah dr bulan lepas xder.i was doing dis at year 1s class's and i ignored them totally.
1. teacher...boleh lukis?
yes...u may.
2.teacher...tgk nizam, dia xmintak izin
3. teacher...may i go to the to toilet?
haih...yes u may.i don have time to correct u.

aesha, remember ADAB?i have tons of those on my table.huhu....
next tuesday, there will be a public speaking competition between PPSMI teachers.i had prepared a simple speach for our representative as im gonna be the guru pengiring and i also got a job for my mom.she is going to cater the food for the day.alhamdulillah...ader jugak rezeki.
since mak benti niaga, dapur yg kecik tuh never stop working.thank you ALLAH..sementara xder gaji ni kan, tu je la yg dpt tolong.

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