Sunday, November 16, 2008

im cold ^_^

me is currently in KUANTAN!well, it may not be big for you - dat refers to anybody reading dis.but it is big for me.dis is my first visit to Kuantan.i didn't have the time to wander around kuantan because dis is a sudden visit made by my sister for her CNI weekend was only about CNI.huhu...we made a decision to spend a nite here becoz its not safe to travel at night with only women in cars + one young girl.

salary is coming in soon.i have made plans to travel around - starting with first visit to kelantan with zai on 21st.alhamdulillah...ader rezeki nak bjalan.dulu, slalu berangan je bila la nak dpt pegi melancong on my own nih.

owh...about CNI, went to their 19th anniversary convention.watched people received prizes includes hadiah melancong ke bali and pakej umrah sponsored fully by CNI.agak best jugak kan.most of them are teachers.pendapatan cam best jer.ramai yg guna produk CNI PERSONALLY.meaning, depa xcarik pon customer.cuma carik partner tuk keluarga besar CNI.dats what tehy called themselves.kuarga besar CNI.Siap ader lagu tema lg.hehe...rasa silly giler watching my sis finished the song with actions.she look determined though.

i don like d idea at first.i only prepared for a 2 days one nite journey and then kuantan and next detination is home.xsangka plak nak kena overnite.sip baik hotel tepi sungai.nice view...
off to seize the moment in my dream.hope to complete my list before holiday end.yuhuuu!

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