Friday, November 21, 2008


i read a fren's blog and she said if you r no longer in his featured frens list...then pls understand the message.

betul..i totally agree with donno bout you but i always lead myelf to denial.i sumtimes cannot help from thinking about how stupid i am 10 years back.i cannot let go of my past although i really want to.i somtimes cried myself to sleep thinking about people who betrayed me.who made me look like fools.but...maybe its not their fault.maybe im d kind of girl who put 100% trust on others but not myself.i long understand that frens come n go but true frens will always stay with you.

its really time to forget....because i know he already does.oh happy now just dat i hate to end a relationship or a frenship with so many question in my head.dis is not losing contact - i don tink he will make any attempt to reconnect with me.well...its for the better.ALLAH knows what is best for us.HE has answered my prayers once by granting me with blessing and happiness with aman.thank you ALLAH...

losing u means hurts but no scars....

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