Sunday, November 02, 2008

wake up call

i received a call from my collegue asking me where i am.i was so surprise!she sounded like mak tam on d fon.hehe...sorry kak mona.i only recognize her when she said she's having the PSS at her house today and im invited.hehe...we are neighbours.not next-to-me neigbour but around-the-hood kind of neighbour.
dis call has made me thinkin bout early on sunday morning!i know...
but actually, im thinkin about how i love my job.yes, the kids are quite tough to handle but im getting ok with.they wave at me when they saw my father came to pick me up.say bye teacher.look at the watch and say good afternoon teacher.blushing when i saw them helping their parents at pasar mlm or paddling around the kampung.dats great isn't it?they did stg bad at you in class, but they get neutral when they are outside.baba kata mungkin dalam kelas dier takut ke? maybe...sayer tak garang pn sbb sumtimes 1s 2 just never listen.ko tengking la, siap ugut ngan rotan.siap cubit 2 3 budak just to show how serious i am pon dier buat bodoh jer.
teachers?my collegues work hard and play hard.they do their job seriously and hope u-as a new teacher to do better.kalo x, the magic word will be uttered ko cikgu baru.jangan amik cuti byk sgt.belum confirm lg.tanda ktas jangan sambil lewa.bla...bla..bla.byk nasihat and they love to be synical too.i've been warn by kak binah dat one mistake u make here will cost u maybe a year of synical conversation.but you r never left behind.4 monts ago, when i came in...the gpk HEM knew my brother.she always come to me and said patutla awak ader muka cam kacuk2 sikit.adik cikgu redhuan rupanya.awk ni apa?arab eh? and she ponder these tot and question while picit memicit my whole body.she huged me before she left.the teacher's room was never left with silent. there are always people talking, laughing and discussing and THERE ARE ALWAYS FOOD ON THE TABLE!kak binah keep reminding me dat im on the diet everytime she saw me sitting at the corner.hehe...thanks kak binah.
yes, school is great.i basically knew now how every teacher n pupils shud be approach.yes, sekolah ni mmg ramai budak pemulihan.and they need attention.and i need to figure just how i need to overcome their lazyness to school.mungkin dia ingat dia dah tau suma.despite the kerani (dier suka dtg suka dgn mood swing yg xmenentu and throw it at the teacher)...everything is alhamdulillah.just a normal school and holiday is coming and im all excited.2 more weeks to go and i hope i can still continue to teach the level one pupils.


aEsHa aEsHly said...

i never have the guts to teach year 1 ppl. it is soooooo .. getting on my nerves kinda thing. aku prefer aja level 2 .. huhu. btw . gud luck to us babe. may we still go sane for the next coming years. ;)

ezarn said...

yes...gud luck to us!