Sunday, September 28, 2008


i always dream n still hoping i can one teacher dat can inspire my pupils to learn, only because they need to be an A class type of pupils..but because education is the most important thing in life - im not gonna elaborate more on dat.

i just want to share with you guys today about a story i watched dis afternoon on HBO channel called THE FREEDOM WRITERS. dis story is about a teacher name erin (hillary swank).she teach english to a class where the students are stigmatized as failure. the school is facing greatest war of rasisisme n erin - a white teacher is teaching to a multiracial class consist of african american, latino, cambodian and there is only one white boy in her class.she came to class with just to teach but find it hard one when she found out dat almost all her students are involved with gangs.see...they feel secure to walk around their neighbourhood by joining gangs that can protect them.they don really care bout the of the girl is there because her parol officer forced her to go.

despite the fact that all of her students always makes fun of her - she teach english, she keep on trying.she came to the class the next day by using topac to teach poem!n stating dat day, some of her students listened topac a lot.i hope i can do dat!
she starts a writing journal where all student must write in everyday about what they feel.all of them has a different saw with her mother being abused right before her eyes, many of their family is in prison and all of them are prejudice towards white people,some carried gun just to feel safe n saw his friend died from a gun shot.they believe they are in war, to survive.they don need to come to school n they don see whaeducation can do to thme.erin did not receive any support from the school because her students are drop outs who hardly read thus its useless to supply them with book dat they cannot read.she disagree...

she had to work as a salesgirl to collect the money to buy them a book to of the book called DIARY OF ANNE FRANK.a story of a refugees...a story dat is called to their heart.she works at a hotel to collect money to ake them on a field trip.away from violance.what touches me is one boy lost his home and his spirit to learn .but when he thinks about Erin, he knows there is a place that he can called home.he'll be happy when he is in her class.

erin tried everything...bring them to museum, road trip n such just to make sure they have interest to learn. do you know that the education there are based on cluster?all the curiculum n decision that related to the policy of education is in the hand of the principal.n its not easy to make them agree to all her plan.the school doesnt want to spend money for those hopeless teenager.poor thing eh...the stigma and discrimination is awful.integration is still an issue n black people fighting hard for a place in the society.n she published all the journal her students write into a book call the THE FREEDOM WRITERS.

im no good with review but erin touched every heart in dat class n wish i cud do the same.sacrifice everything just to seek for my pupils attention.did i mention her husband left r because he felt left out?well, not dat i want my husband to leave me but i just need my pupils to understand the reason of me standing in front of them everyday, trying hard to make them understand me n enjoy day...i hope i can be dat kind of teacher.teacher who inspire n live my pupils dream.amin....

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