Friday, September 12, 2008


mak is sleeping beside me rite now....poor her.but she smiled during breakfast.n thanx to kak sue.really hope she can keep the smile

altough i barely shows how much i love you,pls believe me dat i do.i still don have the guts to tell u guys upfront how much i love d othman's.well...dats now how i raised.i know you both have been through a lot and insyaALLAH, i'll make use of the time left for me to be with you both.

whenever baba pick me up at school, rasa cam balik masa sekolah.bezanya....he never pick me up from school before.naik tooks longer than a car ride tp i cherish the talk while on road.i can't hear u most of the time pn...hehe.

i can only pray dat all your burden will be lighten cause me too is waiting for the end of it.pls hang on...pls..pls.NO MORE TEARS PLS..PLS...I NEED UR STRENGTH TO CONTINUE MY JOURNEY TO!

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