Monday, September 29, 2008


seronoknya kalo ader pendirian..sonoknya kalo tau apa yg kita nak dlm idup..;not dat i donno what i want in life.but im very bad in thinking.i don like choices, options all becoz im bad at making decision.i sumtimes made wrong decision and affected others around me.i remember crying when tickets to kl runs out i donno any other way i can get tears fell down out of panic..i hate dat.i easily experience emotional breakdown - there's a small voice in my head dat never stops telling me how stupid i am, n always reminding me of all my weaknesses instead of making me feel proud of what i do no smart and not beautiful either.sigh....but i know im exist because of stg n dat is becoz ALLAH wants me here... folks are officially closing their stall at Jalan Gudan Ubat.we produce a lot of memories there.i was there since i was 11 and my lil sis was not even in kindergarten.helping them right after school everyday ha leave me to washed my school uniform everyday just to make sure i came to school with my best state. you know how people work at dining or stall...sambal suka nak mercik2 kat baju sekolah yg putih bersih.i fell a lot of time there..tempat jatuh lg dkenang kan.pernah jugak tdo atas meja just to make sure we'r not late for the national day was huge!ramai gile oang...thanx to all your sacrifices mak n baba, we r what we r time for you to take a deep breath live your life at ease.i know u have been though a lot.
its our time now....poor mom, she couldn't let go n cried yesterdayas she was sewing n reminiscing the time from the very moment she started the business..

insyaALLAH....i hope i can perform my duty well as a daughter.i'll make use of this 7 months with you

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