Monday, September 08, 2008

i love holidays!

im looking forward for tomorrow...yay!all level 1 pupils will be on hols since the UPSR is starting tomorrow.walopon kena dtg ke sekolah juga...i could rest from doing the ABM and RPH.i could rest from dealing with children who can't stop talking and chasing each other.i could rest from getting angry ang hot tempered everytime i marked their books...yay! things that bothered me is just the fact that i had to ride to school.not that i MUST go to school by car...but i prefer to bawak moto sendiri rather than duduk kat belakang.i love the early breeze is so soothing and it makes me smile all the way to school.

school is better used to the environment.ikut cara Mdm.Khaliah,finish your class for the day, sit at your own table and do your work.get involve in a conversation only when you need to.tomorrow, im gonna beautify my class so we can win the prize..hehe.well...just to show that im not that lazy not to care bout my class.harapan tuk menang maybe zero to none sbb kelas yg berkongsi dgn bilik ABM mungkin dah sedia sesak.nothing much that i can do..

im more stable dis week...kesan air klorox dah abis.hehe..dah xsakit perut or pening2 lalat kerana being so cemerkap.


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DollyRose said...

i myself is following madam khaliah's advice.
who cares wat others will say.
im no gossiper yo.